Will it rip faster?



Hey all, i have an nec 3520a using an older version of liggy and dee’s firmware

I think I installed it around June 3rd, if that helps at all. the files are like 304bt_fast and 304bt_orig or something like that. My drive is recognized as ND-3520AW in device manager.

So its basically like nec’s 3.04 but with riplocked removed and whatnot.

My question is: If I flash to the latest liggy and dee, will I be able to rip any faster? or should i say faster, more quickly?

Because I have noticed that usually it takes a little while for the ripping speed to start increasing. It always starts low and then slowly goes up. It also doesn’t rip at the same speeds for different dvd’s (i’m guessing this is normal though).

Thanks for the help.


304bt_fast has riplock removed so it will rip faster.
If your happy with the firmware your using then stick to that. Changing it wont increase the rip speed.


The increasing rip speed is completly normal. The NEC’s fastest speed with riplock removed is 3-7x for dual-layer DVDs and 6-16x for single-layer DVDs. It starts out at the slower speed (say 3x) for the inner part of the disc and gradually increases to the max (say 7x) at the outer part of the disc and for dual layer it then moves back from the outer to the inner and gradually slows down while reading the second layer.


Are all pressed discs that you buy in store dual layer. For instance, I just Gladiator to my collection, is the origional disc dual layer?


I would say in the US that more than 90% of pressed video discs are dual layer.