Will it be able to record freeview



I am thinking of buying a Lite-ON LVW 5005 from argos, and was wondering is it would be able to record programs of the UK’s freeview network,

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Yes you will be able to do this…


If your freeview box has two scart outlets, just connect one to the liteon scart input (and the other to your TV if the TV has two scart sockets). With this setup, you can also record an analogue signal on the freeview box whilst watching a freeview channel on the TV.

If the freeview box (or tv) only has one scart socket, connect it to the Lite-on scart in, and then connect the scart out to the TV. The only minor problem with this setup is that you can’t record an analogue signal and watch a digital (freeview) signal at the same time.

By the way, it is actually better to record BBC1,BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4, and Five from the freeview box rather than using the inbuilt tuner from the 5005, as the 5005 tuner is only mono. If you record from the freeview box, the sound is in stereo! Also, you can record the picture in true widescreen. I always record now from the freeview box.

Finally, another great feature is that since freeview has many radio stations (including all main BBC stations), you can then simply record radio programs direct to DVD (you get a logo screen for the visual part). You can then use various freeware packages to extract the audio track and copy to CD if you wish (so you can play in car etc).

I recently recorded all the new Hitch-Hikers Guide radio programs on BBC Radio 4 using the Liteon, extracted the audio, converted to CD format and copied to CD. This gives CD quality (or very close indeed) recording. No more messing around with recording via an analogue soundcard - it’s great!

Summary: Liteon+Freeview (Sky box will work just as well) - much better than using inbuilt tuner and much more range of programs/flexibility!


Whilst at Argos pick up a pack of their Philips DVD+RW to get you going, these work fine and the included freebie disc you get with the Liteon has not had the best feedback.

After that you could get more from somewhere like SVP, 10 Verbatim for £5.99 + P&P, add in some DVD +/-R media for your one-off recordings and to make better value from the P&P and you’re all set.



i have bought liteon lvw5025 Tv has only one scart.

Connect scart from Freeview to dvd to tv -
However, added freeview to channels 6 in setup.
When i then change to channel 6 using dvd remote i start using free remote to scan freeview for channels!

when tuning in freeview no signal found. My arial connects to dvd player which then connects to tv. Only connection freeview has is scart to dvd recorder.

Freeview is recognised but when scanning from freeview no channels found. As freview gets its channels from arial am i able to connect arieal to freeview to tv but connect scart from freeview to dvd to tv (tv only one scart)