Will it be a new hardware version of 716A?

I’m going to buy this Plextor PX-716A. I never had one plextor but i always remember plextor as the leading tecnology (i started with a Sinclair 48K in 1985 so i have a few years of computers :stuck_out_tongue: ).
But i have just one thing that prevents for me to buy tomorow this drive: is expected a new TLA#03… to be released? I have read some rumors… :confused:
Apon the release of the new firmware 1.04 plextor could release a new hardware version :confused:

I would like to know your opinion :bow:

Thank you for your help

Regarding hardware upgrades, that’s anyone’s guess. Companies don’t normally release that kind of information because naturally everybody wants the new hardware version when it comes out, and it usually results in a wave of people returning their current drives.

Having TLA0304 rings better in people’s minds than having TLA0204, when in reality, you have no idea what they are changing. They might be swapping out an expensive high quality part for a cheaper one, who knows.

Anyway, in answer to your post, I don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you!


If we RMA or what for next hardware updated we would never have 716. When 716 first came to local shore I bought it, it was TLA:0000 and well to say the least I was not happy to see all post about how 0000 was so buggy, So after having it out with store manager they RMA the drive 0101 but then what happens , they say in forums oh 0101 is only released in USA , but 0202 is final release, I cant keep RMA this thing, the store manager didnt want RMA it first time as tech in store said it passed builtin test. I find now with 0101 and 1.03 it does pretty well. Im going keep it.

I understand where you are coming from KenW, and that’s what I was trying to express from my last post. People can always keep waiting for the latest greatest hardware upgrade to come out, but who knows when it’s coming? And who knows what they’re changing? If you have a drive that works well, it seems like a hassle to keep uninstalling your drive and mailing it in for a new one that might not work any better. Plextor hasn’t had any product recalls yet, even though they probably should have for the TLA 0000 batch.

Anyway, I think by TLA0202 the hardware is fine. If there’s a problem with it, it’s probably that it’s actually too advanced. It’s taking Plextor engineers a bit longer than they likely expected to get a grip on how to best create firmware that fully utilizes the hardware and the advanced features, like autostrategy. V1.04 should fix this, we’ll see.


I have been looking at the scans and TLA:0101 vs 0202 with 1.03 fw and the scan very from good to bad over range. I cant really see that 0101 is any better over 0202 with 1.03 fw , A few said the 0202 fixes the pi/po scaning problems, but as you say for all we know 0202 fw hardware change was the brand of paint used for the case.

Some of the variation in the scans could be attributed to Autostrategy. A person with a TLA0202/1.03fw drive that has trained their drive to work with a certain media may get a better scan than a person with a TLA0101/1.03fw drive that is doing a scan of the same media, but for the first time.

In other words, the level in which people have conditioned their drives may explain why some scans on a TLA0202/1.03fw drive look better than ones on a TLA0101/1.03, whereas other scans look nearly identical.



Sure thats possible, im still little un-sure about autostrat with media in fw. Sorry All answers have been bit hard to see for me, but I see that autostrat will log unknown media and put it in data file on drive that can have 31 entries, this is clear.

Plextor tech says it works with known media too, so I’m just taking their word for it.

KenW, I’ve changed my mind on this. See my latest post in the Firmware 1.04 thread. Autostrategy only works on SOME known media (that Plextor believes has quality issues in the manufacturing). It DOES NOT work on MOST known media written into the drive’s firmware.

Ok ImBAD this would make some kind of sense. It would seem I have no media in my cake boxs that is in the autostrat list so I see no entries in data base list you can check using Plextools.

I have posted a list of media that supports autostrategy in a new thread. You can determine from the list what category any given media falls into: recommended, compatible, or “supports autostrategy”. Media listed as recommended or compatible do not use autostrategy.

Yes, i agree with the fact that we can’t always have the recent hardware because if we wait for the next revision or model we won’t buy anything.

Nevertheless it would be very interesant to see what were the changes from this TLA#… It sure would give us a picture of the Plextor’s idea of the drive. For instance, if their were anychenges of the chipset used, on the DACs on the power regulators…
from the datasheets of this parts we could see if ther were replaced or not by other with lower specs (in that case bad for plextor) or if ther were replaced by better parts.

From some pictures the TLA#0202 has the Sanyo chipset LC897492FL YH4HN 4JGBG among others LSI parts. Has this been an update from TLA#0000?
For the people that are reviewing and that have access to the drives (and can open them :bigsmile: ) it would be a positive aspect of the review (if the models beeing reviewed had suffered various hardware versions).

It´s only an idea.

Happy new year for everyone and please don’t forget our brothers in Asia that are suffering :sad: !

Minimum chance that Plextor will announce it because if they do, people with older TLA will all RMA their drives.

Ok, But if the people taht have acess to the diferent drives (the reviewers) make a list of the chips used in the drive we could have an idea of the changes made by plextor :rolleyes:

of course plextor woudn’t say waht were the changes, the logical thing is that “if” their were any changes on the hardware it must have been on the chips used or the laser drive not the PCB layout i supose. So this changes could be easy to detect just by looking to the chips used?!?! :confused: :confused:


It’s a good idea B166IR, I see where you are coming from, but you need a site like Consumer Reports to do that sort of testing. Most reviewers don’t have the resources, technical know-how or funding to dissect the hardware and come up with any serious conclusions.


As far as I know, Plextor uses a SANYO chipset for almost all their (DVD) drives. And remember, a “hardware revision” can consist of as little as adding an extra screw to the laser sled to reduce vibration.

PX-716A drives with the same TLA numbers often behave very differently. More so than between an OK TLA#0101 and an OK TLA#0202. Hardware changes, if any, would be difficult to detect from a consumer’s eyes between different TLA-numbered drives. Changing the main chipsets and laser in the same drive models would be too costly even for manufacturers that produce by the millions per month.

BTW, Asia is practically two thirds of the world, not a small province at the end of world.