Will illegal software eventually be banned?



Your thoughts please.


What do you mean “banned”?
If its illegal then it allready has been banned :confused:


banned from existence


How do you mean?, what would ban it, you mean that it would no longer exist, because of fear of prosecution, or copy protection, or both.


I dunno how it will happen, i ask IF it will ever happen.


There will always be people who are using illegal software for all kinds of reason. main one is cost.


I think yes but then as long as there internet there are people that are going to share what they have.

So they can try to do what they did to 321 Studios but because it gets taken off the shelf dont mean that it is the last of that specific program




It will be a constant fight between technologies


I cannot see how it could happen, hence the question IF is moot, so no it wont be “banned”, just more illegal :cool:


I can see it becoming unpopular, and many people not using it, however there will allways be some hard-core pirates that want it, and they will be almost impossible to stop.

I was talking to a guy who worked for the new music-on-demand for mobile phones DRM, he said they didnt care much if it got cracked, because that would allways happen, what mattered was if it became easy to do, and so many people where doing it instead of buying the music.

Ben :slight_smile:


nope never…

as long as there are intelligent people…there will always be a way to duplicate software and remove copywrite information…


Illegal as in piracy or the actual program being illegal (DeCSS…)
In the future both of these types of illegal activity will be much harder on the wintel platform thanks ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) to tcpa sure the next (few) version (s) of windows will run on non tcpa or palladium and will run unsigned apps but some day ms will probably drop that support…




software isnt illegal. it cant be. using it illegally is a whole nother discussion.


The only thing for sure is that making backups and sharing programs illegally or legally will get a hell of a lot harder in the future…




Nope never… evil laughter whahahahahahaha evil laughter


AS long as there is a kick from using anything underground peoplle will use it. As long as authorities see people enjoying illicit wares they will try to kill it.
“Let the games begin”
Both sides will battle to uphold there right to be right, and niether will win or loose. Both sides will endevour and niether will achieve it will be a stalemate of sublime proportions.
Naah the ban will never succed look at prohibition in the states


this does not exactly is meant with this topic, but it fits here in some way… :wink:
i just read (german) that time warner will in 2005 release 125 movies on the chinese market on dvd for 2,65 dollars / piece…
this is a REaction to the illegal copy situation over there, where nearly every movie is available as a illegal copy for under 2 dollars…
so, the funny thing is, that at least in this country the strength of the illegal organisations forces the legal ones to REact…
so, i don’t think that they could really do anything against the illegal things without hurting themselves…