Will I miss Mt. Rainier (MRW)

I’m replacing the drives below with two identical Sony DRU810A which I believe don’t support Mt Rainier. (Currently my TS H492A does).

The question is, will I miss it as I have InCD anyway but not installed? More often than not I prefer to use Nero Express and a DVD-RW so that I get greater space for my backups.

MRW has been out for several years now but it’s still not configured on many burners.

Well, my guess is you won’t miss it, since you do not use it even when it is available. I know I won’t.

I was really thinking out loud and wondering if many people do use it. I used to quite a bit until I realized I could utilize more disc space using other methods.

Personally, I have not used MRW since DVD-RAM became “affordable”. But I suppose it would still be good for wider compatability since MRW discs can be read by virtually any ROM drive with a UDF reader installed (which is conveniently included with the formatting).

I got a CD burner and some CD-RWs for work for a new backup system. The disks would not format the ‘normal’ way, I had to use MRW.

Opt1x - I’m updating my new players to the DRU820A for the DVD-RAM compatibility as I too think that is more useful.

DrTeeth, yes I know what you mean.

Well I’m hoping some format will become popular and become a standard. I don’t care which one. I’ve never had Mt Rainier and only got DVD-RAM yesterday.

My impression of InCD and other packet writing schemes is they are more trouble than they are worth. Before you ihstall InCD, check around for opinions. According to one thread, someone installed Roxio’s packet writing thing and it messed up his computer pretty badly.