Will i gain much speed if i upgrade my P4 3.0ghz

Will i gain much speed in CloneDVD if i upgrade my P4 3.0ghz to a P4 D (Dual Core) 3.0ghz ?

Will CloneDVD & AnyDVD work fine with this ?

Also will i get any other software conflicts with this processor ?

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Haven’t honestly used CloneDVD before but if it does any kind of encoding it will not see any speed increase unless it is specifically coded to be able to take advantage of multiple core CPU’s

Well you WILL see a speed increase, but the dual-core difference on software that isn’t written for SMP… is like 5%. Not enough to justify the purchase, for sure.

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is it possible to get conflicts with all usual software that was NOT written for dual core processors?

For the most part no, non-SMP software will run just fine and be completely oblivious. Additionally, dual-core is supported a little differently by windows, so software that USED to have a huge problem with SMP (like the drivers for Creative Labs audio cards) usually runs just fine now.

Any speed increase would be minimal and based on the fact that these are basically just different core designs. IMHO not worth the cost of upgrading to a dual core Intel chip.

Thanks for the info guys, i think i will sit on this one for a while :slight_smile:

DVD Shrink is dual core compatible and there is also a dual core addon for DVD Rebuilder.



Dual core basicly I think is for gamers and hardcore multi applications and from what I heard helps on cpu resources when useing dual core while burning. I havn’t confirmed this but through the dozen or so google search this has been the basics for having dual core from my google search.

If you get a dual core cpu, what you COULD do is transcode two dvds at once, processing one on each core. This would help if you need to transcode multiple dvds at once.

i don’t kno wwhy anyone would NEED to transcode multiple DVDs at once, but it sure doe ssound fun to try!!!

It’s probably never a real necessity to transcode more than one dvd at once, but I guess if you buy a multi-dvd set and you’d like to back them up before viewing them, this would help speed things up.