Will I ever get to use my drive?



Thanks to an incredible CSR I was able to swap out my busted by firmware LG for a replace. Now that Ive finally gotten it back I want to get some use out of it. However, a few issues still exist for me.

#1 Why Firmware? Its been nothing but destructive so far so Im not excited to go for it again. However, its insane to me to think I cant update my drive AT ALL for the course of its life due to fear. Yes Ive been told I can probably live without it but would YOU buy a drive that offered no updates or support ever?

#2 Where firmware? This is what I have exactly. Bought here, etc etc.


Ive gotten conflicting info about whether this is a retail drive sans all the nicities (box, nice manual,etc) or if it is an actual OEM so the firmware listed at LG website is detrimental to this drive. Very much wishing I could have found a black retail but was nowhere to be had when I shopped.

#3 How firmware? Everybody has said close down everything when I update. Safe mode in windows XP. Ok, I get that and can do it. Any other suggestions so I dont toast another drive?

#4 What is firmware? I understand its an updating but is it to the PC or the drive? Im asking because I may want to use this externally (in an enclosure) but if I have to go through the Firmware roulette for each machine I might use it on, Im going to abandon the idea. Would love to do it, but risk vs. reward (at this point) seems too high on the risk side.

Thanks to any and all who can help. Im not even going to look at the thing until you guys tell me how to proceed. Thanks.


#1 Firmware upgrades are primarily to add more media or refine writing strategies. If your drive seems to like the media you have and the upgrade doesn’t describe a problem with your drive, then leave it.

#2 Unfortunately LG’s sites are not very well organized. Among the many points you can start are www.lgservice.com where you can select your country and take it from there. Looks as though you have the bare drive, which is not really a problem. You missed out on some cables, screws, software and a manual (not really a big deal).

#3 Safe mode in XP may be overdoing it as I’ve flashed several times in normal mode with no problems. Make sure you’re not doing anything when you flash and you should be fine.

#4 Mostly answered in #1. It is updating the drive for the reasons stated above. Flashing drives in an enclosure seems to work for some, but not for others. If you’re really concerned about toasting your drive but still want it in the enclosure, put the drive back in the PC before performing the firmware upgrade.

Hope that helps!