Will I ever get a good CD/DVD writer?



OK, so I just realised after another two coasters that my writer is FUBAR.

21:38:51 Retry Failed - Invalid Address For Write
21:38:52 Failed to Write Sectors 1896768 - 1896799 - Write Error

21:54:01 Retry Failed - Invalid Address For Write
21:54:01 Failed to Write Sectors 2072672 - 2072703 - Write Error

This is on Verbatim 16x DVD+R discs with a BenQ DW1620. This isn’t the first time I had a writer break down on me, actually, I’ll show you:

1st CD-writer: Philips 3600. Worked like a charm for hundreds of discs. 2x burning yeehah !
2nd CD-writer: Plextor 820. Died in a week, replaced by 8220. Burned hundreds of discs.
3rd CD-writer: Plextor 8220. Got replaced pretty early because 8x burning was slow as hell than.
4th CD-writer: LiteOn 52x, I still have this one.
1st DVD-writer: NEC 1300A: burned more coasters than playable discs. Worthless.
2nd DVD-writer: BenQ DW1620A: burned about a hundred DVD’s/CD’s and now puts out more coasters than playable discs.

Also bought a Pioneer DVD-ROM once that also died within a month or so. This has been on various PC configurations, with various software and various writing tasks. So I’m ruling out another problem than the drive itself…

Is it me or am I just picking out the crappiest drives on the planet ?

So, again I am faced with finding a “good” DVD-RW. Problem is I use special face plates which stick on the drive so I hope I can find one again. Which drive:

A. is the most reliable
B. writes good quality discs
C. is the most reliable
D. has very good reading capabilities

I’m really sick and tired of always getting coasters when you actually need the thing. Can someone advise me drives that are reliable ? I’ve had almost every brand and had more bad experiences with them than I can handle…


I feel that all the new LiteOn’s are good. BenQ 1650 & 1655’s also.


BenQ drives are becoming more rare each day, especially where I live. I’ll look into the LiteOns !


The latest LGs are very good burners too, IMO. Might be worth a look, as well as LiteOn :slight_smile:


By “new LG’s an LiteOns” you two mean these ?

Lite-ON LH-18A1P

These aren’t that common here in the Benelux, especially the LG is hard to come by. The LiteOn shouldn’t be a problem though. Is there any sense in buying a S-ATA burner ? I have an Asus P5W DH Deluxe with a Intel 975X chipset if that helps. Because I see so many negative comments about the S-ATA burners…


Hi :slight_smile:
Probably means these
Lite-On LH-20A1P
Personally of the two, I’d go for the LG. Better record for stability/life etc.
As for SATA DVDRW’s I believe the problems were more mobo related than drive. But I’ve no personal experience of these drives. Your board shpuld be OK.


Hi :slight_smile:
SATA Drives:-
Plextor - PX760
Samsung - SH-S183A
Lite-On - SH-16A7S-05C


That LiteOn IDE drive isn’t even available in the Benelux it seems, the LG H22NB is (about 38 € excluding shipping). Is the only difference between the H22NB and the H20LB the Lightscribe capability and the 16x recording ? Because I don’t need 18x recording but I do like the idea of Lightscribe discs. Ofcourse, quality and reliability is priority.


Hi :slight_smile:
AFAIK the speed (18x v 16x) is the only concernable difference between these two.


Every drive won’t be quality and reliable if you burn it at the top speed. Burning at 4x or 8x will be best quality and hinder the drive from wearing out quickly. LiteOn, Pioneer or BenQ will be the best choice.