Will I blow myself (or electronics) if I do this?

I have just got a Harman/Kardon HK 980 amp. I have a Marantz CD6000 player. My PC has a Creative Labs Sounddlaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer sound card. I am the product of an Arts faculty and struggle with Ohms law so I am totally useless at anything vaguely electronic.

I want to copy my paid for cds for the car. I use NCH software and usually go from vinyl to amp via aux/AV out to line in.

So, with cd, can I play the cd through the amp and then to line in ? What output should I use ? Is there such a thing as a quality sound card that makes ripping/burning cd’s more of a hifi thing ? Am i just wasting my time for use in a car?

Let me know please, I can handle rejection if it saves me money and/or grief. In return I’d gladly answer any questions you have about genocide. History is fun !

Thanks in advance,


If your CD player is hooked up to your amp, than use aux/AV out to line in, same as for vinyl. As long as you do not connect Line in to speaker output, you should be OK.
To your other question. You will import as wav, than either CD or mp3 for car, the sound card you have is fine for that. I do not think you will hear too much Hi-Fi in your car while driving.

Why rip/record a CD - if you want a spare for the car, it would be better to copy it directly, unless it has protection, in which case you would be looking for a drive/software combination that can overcome it.

Slysoft AnyDVD also has some Audio CD protection annoyance elimination capabilities, though it may be drive dependent.

Excellent choice CloneCD from Slysoft is. AnyDVD deals with copy protection. Best software I´ve ever invested in…free upgrades forever.

Thanks for the replies It is a pleasure to get sensible answers on any type of ESystem for a complete tyro.

Thanks people.