Will HTL discs last as longer as LTH if I keep them away from sunlight/UV light?


Good to know…

We still have a laptop HDD which works seamlessly after >23000 operational hours.
Nearly 3 pure years of spinning. Don’t worry, it is backed up.

  • Poweroff? Was it unuseable before or after the full erasure?
  • (And SSDs usually do not require full erasure due to the TRiM command., also mentioned here.) Also defragmentation means just useless wear for flash storage.
  • Were your HDDs and SSDs original devices or low quality replicas?


Original devices, new (not refurbished)

If you want do a secure Erase with tools of SSD-manufacturer you need mostly a bootable media. Some Tools like the Sandisk Dashboard and Samsung Magican need a power-off of the SSD to do a secure erase (Hotplugin have to be enabled in BIOS/UEFI).

Secure Erase with SSD is mostly NOT a full erase

Take a look at " Another method for secure erasure, which is quite more efficient, is encryption :"

I have here HDDs from Hitachi Ultrastar-Series with over 80000 hours, should not be a problem if it won´t get to hot