Will HD-Burn be a firmware upgrade?


This is my first post and so I’d first like to offer my props and respekt to the board and all the helpful ppl who share their knowledge here.

My gift to myself for Black Friday was a Lite-on 411s which I picked-up for $89 US (after rebates of course). I didn’t know about HD-Burn “way back then” and have decided that would be a really nice feature to have. In fact, if I had to choose between double the speed (8x) and double capacity for my CDs, I’d certainly choose the latter.

I’m wondering if HD-Burn is the kind of feature that can be expected to be upgraded in firmware or if it has to be designed into the drive?

If HD-Burn cannot be added through firmware or if Lite-on is not likely to bother doing it for their older/lower speed drives (which the 411s will likely be classified as soon enough), then I would appreciate your suggestions as to which of the drives which currently offer HD-Burn would be my best choice.

Sanyo, MSI and Optorite were listed in another thread as supporting HD-Burn. I don’t know anything about any of these vendors and my local stores (CompUSA, Best Buy, Circuit City) don’t carry the brands. Maybe they are OEMed in other brands they carry?

Thanks again. Cheers … Max

HD-Burn is a feature copyrighted by Sanyo. Only drives using Sanyo technology can/will have this feature. The short answer is that the Lite-ON will never support HD-Burn writing.

Thanks for the info. The HD-Burn site mentioned that Sanyo was making the firmware upgrade available to DVD player companies so I was hoping that this meant DVD burner companies too.

Can you explain a little more about the technology?

Thanks … Max