Will hand picked tunes spell the demise of the album?

I just posted the article Will hand picked tunes spell the demise of the album?.

 There is something happening here, what it is ain't  exactly clear. Like the song says, there is a change coming and consumers are  liable to shift away from the venerable artist conceived...
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Alboms are thing of the past, not that they will dissapear completely , a lot of the fans who love certen artist will buy full albom, but their share in music market will be very low.

Commercial chart-music has been about singles for years. The kind of people that exclusivly listen to the top ten are not interested in artists. These are the kind of people that don’t put any thought into music and just listen to whats presented to them by the media and the industry. People that are more interested don’t need any charts and are more album oriented. To put it in a nutshell charts are for the stupid masses, it’s a lot harder to paint an own picture and slectivly listen. Without albums the life span of chart music oriented artists (casted **** and so on) would be even lower than it is now. And now ist already like 3 months. (I am specifically referring to Germany and the current situation there) I can say I am a fan of music (what type(s) doesn’t really matter) and look at this with disgust. [offensive language removed]
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I love this quote from the article: “I really treasured albums, but what’s going to take their place is more interesting,” says the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards. “I started off with shellac 78s. The format doesn’t matter so much as long as you’re getting music that sounds the way the musicians intended. If someone can deliver that, I don’t care if it’s on a frozen pea.” :slight_smile:

I think albums can sometimes hurt the music. Just because your not doing a complete album doesn’t mean you can’t do a whole bunch of songs. But sometimes when bands do an album all the songs have to fit together in a certain way. Sort of limiting the sound of the music. Sometimes artists are stuck into making the same style of music all the way through the album and can’t change into something really new until their next release. Because there’s always the fear that one wrong placed song will throw the whole album off. Sometimes all the songs on the CD end up sounding exactly alike. Just making one song at a time would allow artists to just change mood and style every song without having to worry about if it would fit in with the mood of their last 10 songs. giving the listener a vast array of choices that can change direction at any point. If you want to do songs that are related look at Metallica. Unforgiven and Unforgiven II. Two songs that go together but on completely different albums. It’d be more like movies, All the matrix movies go together but you don’t have to watch them all at the same time, or off the same disc. I mean there’s a reason you can jump tracks on a CD, rarely does anyone want to listen to the whole album from beginning to end. Artists just like the idea of making one or two good songs and then using that to make people pay for the other 10 songs on an album that totally suck. If they really cared about people listening to the whole album then wouldn’t they also be mad at the fact that you can skip over half of an album with your CD player? They don’t care about that, they just pissed because now just because you buy their good song doesn’t mean you automatically take on the burden of paying for whatever other crap they put out.

chsbiking you are so wrong. If there are only singles there will only be one style of music. Singles that appeal to the inorant masses. Full albums allow artist to vary styles. Every song does not have to be a hit single. Man if albums got it will just plain suck:r

What we haven’t seen yet is a popular artist making 1 song just to sell it without an Album. How much money would 1 popular song make for an artist? Enough to live by without having to make and sell an entire album. I honestly have no idea how the music industry works so I don’t know if they artists gets a piece of EVERY CD sold and if it would be worth it for them.

If a song is not interesting - why I should pay for it ? Most of the people just “rip” the songs they like from different alboms and create their own disks. On the other hand , if I am “crazy” about some artist I will buy all his songs and album is a package that makes it cheaper. That’s all all other talk about “ideology” or “cultural suprimacy” is b.s.

Seems like this is just more propoganda for the music download goldrush that’s going on at the moment. Personally I think singles downloads will be very good for pop music, but those who like real music (like where the lyrics are written by the band and they can play instruments too!) will stick to CD or other formats because they want the extra quality and also because artists who can play do make good albums. Bands can vary their styles on albums quite a bit and if they can always put experimental songs on the end as bonus tracks or release EP’s id they don’t have enough material for an album. Hopefully, if pop is downloaded and real music is bought on albums, a system will emerge where you make very little money for being a one-hit wonder and a decent living for being a quality artist. OK so I’m dreaming, but it would be good! :B

The music people will go to ANY lengths to avoid blame… it’s amazing… Back in the day, you could go to a record store and buy a 7" single for, say, $ 1.49. If you liked it, you could buy the album, or just keep the single if that’s all you wanted. Somewhere along the way, the music biz decided to stop marketing singles (not enough profit, I guess–yeah right) and tried replacing them with CD singles for $ 7.99, which was about $ 4.00 less than the dang CD itself. People want a choice to buy singles AND/OR buy the CD. Why can’t they figure this out?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but that’s all we really have now. All the commercial music is either boy bands, hard rock bands, pussy rock bands, a diva, a male singer that left a boy band or rap. What you are saying is basically if I have a song that doesn’t appeal to the masses I won’t be able to sell it, but if I throw it in with a bunch of other songs that suck somehow that will cause it to fly off the shelves. If you’re only listening to music that is made by bands for the sole purpose of making money then that’s what you’re going to get, music that appeals to the ignorant masses, regardless of if they’re selling it by the album or by the single. Besides, it’s not like they can’t make a whole album anyway and just add a button to the software labeled download whole album. And just for the record I said “I think albums can (sometimes) hurt the music.” I didn’t say they always hurt the music. Sometimes albums are good, like the Wall. But sometimes you have one good single and bands base their whole CD around it and by the time you get to the end your bored out of your mind. But like I said, if the artists want to make the songs as if they were an album and package them fine, but if they want to just make a good experimental song that doesn’t have to go with 10 other songs that should be fine too. P2P if done right could give them that choice. I think the choice is better then just saying it’s got to be this way or no way at all.
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With the official music services charging 99c per song I’d like to see some artist release an album length single :wink: