Will Greece have a successfull Olympiad?

Olympic Games will come in Athens in a month fron now, as most of you know… So the question:

Will Greece have a successfull Olympiad ?

And if not, why?

From the last pictures I saw they ahve ALOT of wok to do if everythging is going to work out Ok.

At present I just don’t think things are doing to be finished on time.

We will have to wait and see though.

when they do the same good job like they did on euro 04 then yes.

My guess is they will finish everything 5 min prior to the start of the events :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously i hope everything turns out ok. Personally i was against taking the Olympics as they are a great expense that will never be compensated for, and that would be very harmful for the Greek economy. Nevertheless atm i can think of nothing more harmful that a badly organised Olympic Games event.

Thats a lot of intelligent thinking for now me thinks though, let me get the beer off my system first :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the way it will go… Typical of Greece, and I just love it! Don’t you Hemi? :wink:

Finishing a minute before the official start of the games, is like putting the Greek seal… :slight_smile:

They’ll shit it in no probs - but I’m biased :wink:

Yes, but all the stadiums and venues and accomodation will fall down the week after the olympics is over :wink:
And the 1500m event will be run on wet cement :wink:

Typical Greece.I hope tha everything will be ready and i don’t mean only the big stadiums.