Will Gigabyte 6600 GT work with AGP 4x and 1.5V?

Hi, I am looking forward to purchasing the Gigabyte 6600GT AGP card to replace my existing one. But the card however says it requires an 0.8V AGP 3.0 slot. Will the card still work properly on my AGP 2.0 motherboard which only supports 1.5V at AGP 4x?


Yes, it will work. The only thing you have to worry about is if you had an old mobo which only uses 3.3v agp cards. You should be all set, agp is backward compatable as long as the voltages are right. So, good luck, hope that helps. My 6600GT didn’t come with anything that said to use it in only an 8x AGP mobo. All of the 6600GTs @ newegg are listed as 4x/8x. Good luck, hope that helps. :iagree: