Will European Format DVD's play in the USA



I have a DVD I’d like to send to friends in New York.
Its a region 2 PAL DVD.
I know I will have to make a “region free” copy but will I also have to re-encode the DVD to NTSC so that it to play on an American set top box?


it should be fine just make sure that their dvd player is set to nstc output tv setting cos i gave my brother a u.s ocean’s 13 dvd & his dvd player had auto tv setting so when he put in a u.s dvd i tryed to output it to a u.s tv so i had to go up their and set it to pal output


Thanks for your response, but you may have misunderstood.
I was asking whether a UK PAL DVD will play and be viewable on a US TV and DVD player without a format conversion.
As you say most European DVD players can convert NTSC format to PAL-60 so that it will dipslay on a European TV, but I don’t know whether the opposite is true in the US.


It depends on the dvd player. Look here for more info www.videohelp.com in the dvd player section.