Will episodes be available on future DVD2One upgrades?

I was wondering if there are any plans to include copying every episode on DVDs that are of TV shows rather than movies, in future DVD2One upgrades. Will it be possible to copy every episode on the disc, instead of only the main movie which is the current available option?


Read the “little update” thread. 1:1 copy is going to be available in the 1.2 release due shortly.

Carlos, I have no idea if future versions will support episodes, but read the guide below for an excellent tutorial on how to process episodes w/DVD2One.


btw, i got this guide by searching this forum for “episodes”

Hi carlos

might be worth trying a great little tool available over at DOOM9 called “Make it Easy” written by JDOBBS, this has helped me to backup X-files series 1 + 2 . tried to get the link but struggled to get access to the forum site all evening. on other point, love DVD2One for making this stuff so easy, but have one major gripe. keep having audio sync problems, where the audio goes out, usually only for a few minutes or so. usually only on 1 episode per disc either 3rd or 4th. plus of course the usual, very occasional i might add pixelation problem .picture quality is Ok for me, but would’nt complain if it could be improved. would like to try DVd95copy but cannot afford it (not working at the moment) tried Instantcopy but had problems, will be trying again in the near future
hope this helps

had a look at the the link posted earlier, was hoping that it might help cure the fact that dvd2one messes up on the odd episode or so on each disc…
it possible to set dvd2one up to transcode each episode at a time so that if there are any problems then only the offending episode needs re-doing and checking
tried to set it up using the guide to shrink one episode at a time , played around with user defined sizes but that did not seem to work( the guide does not actually do this even though it is putting them into separate directoriesi , they are only transcoded as a single unit so any problems means that the whole lot has to de done again)
cheers anyone

You can do episodic DVDs with the new version.

Just rip the complete DVD to your HDD, process with IfoEdit to remove unwanted audio and subtitle streams, then re-encode with DVD2One. When finished, join the new files overwriting the contents of the original.

Works like a charm on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24, MASH, and Friends.

Haven’t had a chance to try my X-Files discs yet but I will. I believe they span more than one VOB set - process shouldn’t be too different though.

I can give more explicit instructions if needed.


Yeah i’m gonna try a Sopranos set soon.

I just burned all three seasons. Worked like a champ!

question is how does it look? I did seaon 1 on Instant copy amd it looked ok if I removed the DD5.1 otherwise way too pixely

Basically it looked like you took 8 gig of video/audio and compressed it down to 4.3. You can notice it but it doesnt look bad in my opinion. I dont expect too much when throwing out 4 gig. Neither should anyone else. Hey…but thats just my opinion.

did you do a 1:1 copy or just rip the eps?

Just done the first dvd from DS9 with IfoEdit and D2o keeping only 1 audio stream!

Looks GREAT! :smiley:

Originally posted by Scarpad
did you do a 1:1 copy or just rip the eps?

I did a 1:1 copy.

I used infoupdate and create new IFO’S made sure a single pgc was selected, use a guide by aaron1es titled Menu and Extras using DVD2One. I backed up the Soprano’s 1,2 and 3rd season without a problem.