Will DVR-A05/105 accept Fuji 8x DVD-R (TYG02) discs?

Hi everyone I’m a newbie to this forum. I just bought a 50-pack of Fuji 8x DVD-R (which is supposed to be TYG02 media) and intend to share it with my friend who has a DVR-105. Because his burner is relatively old, I wonder whether it can use the TYG02 discs at 4x speed. If not I’ll return the discs to the store. Thanks in advance for your help.

Just to be 100% positive I was giving you the right answer, I just reinstalled my old 105 burner and I am buring to a TYG02 disk right now. The drive recognizes the disk as 4X.

If your friend dosen’t already have it, I recommend that he download and install one of the hacked f/w from here:

I recommend either the gradius_133_plusRPC1_No_RIP-LIMIT.zip version or the DVR-105 v1.33 - RPC-1 + 2xDVD-R + 12xRip.zip. The second will allow your friend to burn all 1x -R disks at 2x. Both make the drive region free and able to rip at greater than 2X speed (usually 6-10x, but theoretically up to 12x).

Thank you very much for your reply, placeway. I really appreciate that you even re-installed your old 105 burner to try it out. It is nice people like you that help us newbies to learn.

The reason that I asked is that I made a somewhat costly mistake last week - I bought a pack of 5 TDK 4x DVD-RW and found my Liteon 411s burner cannot use it. As I already opened the pack I could not return the 4 unused discs.

I’ll certainly pass on your recommendation about firmware update to my friend. Again thanks for your help.