Will dvdshrink do DA on no compression if checked?

I checked Deep Analyse in options and I wondering does shrink know not to do that on stuff where you do perfect backups with no compression? If does do it, any harm to source material by chance?

if no compression is needed, it will not do DA. if you click DA, it will tell you that it’s unnecessary and will ask you to confirm you do indeed want to do it.

Well problem is that I have to uncheck the box when I know it does not need DA because at least for me lastest version of dvdshrink is doing analyse and then encoding if I leave that box checked even though does not need it. I guess make burn here and see if DA over perfect compression movie somehow messes it up.

interesting…and your setting it to no compression at all and it fits a SL disc?

I agree that is strange. Although it is possible that you think you are not selecting compression when in fact it is already doing it for you. I have been fooled several times by the 100% green bar when in fact it required a significant amount of compression for each. Each time I strip the film and the audio tracks down to the bare minimum, the DA and the further quality enhancements are always greyed out.

You may have set a different CUSTOM size or DVD-9. My copy of the latest Shrink automatically disengages the deep analysis mode if the select contents will fit to a DVD-5 disc.