Will DVDFab Copy a Copy?

Hi, will DVDFab Decrypter or Platinum make a copy of a copied DVD movie? I tried to backup a backed up copy of an older movie, but it didn’t work. Now, if there was errors on the older movie, I can see why it won’t or didn’t work. But for grins and giggles and future reference, will Platinum or Decrypter do it? Thanks for your help or patience,LOL. Mike

Dont know about Platinum, but Fab Decrypter is not a burner.

Platinium is the best of DVDFAB if you have the latest version for the latest DVD protection.

I know that, but I thought I could use it to copy it to my HD and then use CloneDVD 2 to copy the files to a DVD. Will this work? Thanks Mike

Of course just download it into a directory of your hard drive and then burn it into disc by Nero Burning ROM or other burning program.

DVDFab Platinum is all-in-one DVD copying/converting/burning software, according to their website:
So, it sounds like you dont need clone or nero, if youve got fab platinum.

TCAS is right, you should be able to do a straight disc-to-disc copy in Nero if the movie’s already been decrypted and shrunk.

Any errors could come from the media you’re using for the new copy…

DVD Decrypter (not DVD Fab Decrypter). mode - ISO - read, then ISO - write. There’s your copy.

Where does it say hes got Nero?

It doesn’t, but then it doesn’t say he’s got DVD Decrypter, either. We were just throwing out ideas.

  1. Post #4. implies hes got Clone. If so he does not need other burning programs. IMHO
    2, Nero costs
  2. Dvd decrypter is free

Yes DVDFab Platinum or Gold will copy copies, no need to buy another program or download a free one. The fewer backup programs you have on your computer the less chance of a conflict.


There’s your answer to the original question :slight_smile:

However, I’d just like to add that if you still get errors, post back and describe them as they could be due to media.

Thank you all for your very helpful answers. I do have DVDFab Decrypter and the trail version of Platinum. Also I have Clone DVD 2 ver. And I have the cheapy ver. Nero OEM. Hey it works right.Normally I use Decrypter to what else decrypt the movie and then use Clone to write it to disk. But since I’ve been having lots of issues with my Litey, I can’t use Decrypter. Which is why I wasn’t sure if Fab would copy a copy. And going back aways when I was using 321 Studios X Copy Express to decrypt and write my backups, it wouldn’t copy a copy. Boy, that was a nice program until they stopped upgrading the software. Oh well, I really like Fab. And once I get my new burner, a LG gsa-h22-bk, then I will once again be able to fully appreciate this GREAT program. Again, thanks for your words of wisdom. Mike