Will dvd+r media be around for a while?

im still paranoid that i bought the betamax of dvd burners.it is a lite on 401 will the media be avalable for a long time?

I can’t understand your question. What do you mean?
Are you asking if DVD+R will continue to exist or will be discontinued?
IMHO DVD+R will fully replace DVD-R media within some years. Don’t worry, because the DVD+RW Alliance is very strong…

yeah thats is what i meant.i just dont want to have a recorder that i cant get media for.

The said media is going to be around for quite a long time.
Apple has just announced that it will be also going with the +R


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

The beauty of LiteOn drives is that they’re cheap enough to replace every year, so you can always have the latest and greatest drive.
The newer formats will be backwards compatable for years to come anyway, so don’t worry. As long as there are DVD’s there will be drives/players for DVD+R

dvd+r will not die! Its in most of the stand-alone dvd recorders for tvs now!
and every other drive is a dual burner!


lite on is great but i found a cheaper drive well for brick and mortar stores its cheper its a new dula formAT drive but i likw lite on better

the main reason i bought the liteon 401s is because i could burn at such a high speed on cdr still… and i have a liteon 52x and its burns good so i bought it hoping it would burn dvd just as good… burns dvd good just not as good for the media im using… but im sure i can find the right media to feed the monster :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah im happy with mine my old burner in pc was a 8x cdr burner
it was so slow.this lite on burn a 700 meg cd with 702 megs a data in like 3 minutes.i dont need it faster then that realy.plus it overburns and will do 99 minutes cd,s so i can burn on movie to cd. it burns dvds well i guess but i dont realy understand k probe yet

kprobe takes some getting used to… but if you look at the media forum… you can kinda get an idea of what the graph is suppose to look like…

if it is a problem getting used to using kprobe… im not sure if they are any tutorials… but i found a program called wink that is good at making them… so maybe if i get some time i could make one up… but im not sure how well that will go over since kprobe is not one of the programs liteon wants us to have…

I agree with the others–there appears to be little chance that DVD-RW will become the predominant standard. Dell is pretty smart, and they sell their computers with DVD+RW drives. My guess would be that the number of plus drives out there will soon reach critical mass, and that single-format dash drives will disappear from the store shelves.

The real question to me is whether dual-format drives will become the standard, or whether we will all be buying single-format plus drives two years from now. Perhaps the two standards can coexist for the forseeable future.

i think speed rules and +r speed is already at 8x.
12x and 16x around the corner

The -r drives still back at 4x…

With the DVD+RW group playing around with doubling the capacity of DVD+ media, this will be a long runner, surely!

The DVD+RW Alliance has very strong founders (Dell, HP, Philips, Mitsubishi, Ricoh, Sony, Thomson, Yamaha). And also lots of industry supporters (check here: http://www.dvdrw.com/industry-support.htm)

Originally posted by ratman23
im still paranoid that i bought the betamax of dvd burners.it is a lite on 401 will the media be avalable for a long time?

Sony only stopped making betamax last year.

So, proof indeed that the -r camp lovers wee those wanting the cheapest media to ‘backup’ mass dvd’s :slight_smile:

The +R format specs beat -r in every category - there was not competition then and none now. The only downside is that Blu-Ray recorders apparently will not record (play?) +r - strange.

But the early Blu-Ray specs and format will be won over by stuff that stores many GB’s and is compatible with +r/+rw

Blu-Ray recorders will not come to stores right now… You’ll have to wait some years (maybe 4 or more).

I searched through my local stores and I was able to find DVD+R discs at 1,55€ which are not expensive at all.

Lvsitano: Maybe in your part of the world. Where I live, +R/RW media is 1.6 to 2 times as expensive as -R/RW media. Too much difference.

Here in most places DVD-R/-RW media is cheaper than DVD+R/+RW but I found a store where the cheaper DVD-R is the same price as the cheaper DVD+R. And the cheaper DVD-R costs about 1.5€, and the lowest DVD-R price I ever seen was bad quality Princo discs at 1,2€.

Here’s, it’s all the same price except whatever might be on sale. All the name brands are the same proce for + and -.