Will DVD+R DL burn DVD-R?

I have just bought a new PC, with an LG DVD+R DL burner in it. I don’t know the model number. It says on the tray Super Multi DVD+R DL and DVD Multi Recorder. I have just converted a film and tried to burn it onto DVD-R. The program completely froze and I got the ‘program is unresponsive’ error. Does this mean that it will not burn to DVD-R or is it a problem with the program itself (I am using ConvertX to DVD v3). I always assumed that a DVD+R DL would not burn a DVD-R but the item description when purchasing said listed the specifications- notably the write speeds of different discs. DVD-R is in that list, apparently it burns at 22x. Also I burned a disc a few days ago on Imgburn onto a DVD-R. There were no problems with that, the PC ran fine and Imgburn told me that the disc burned successfully. So if anyone can clarify whether a DVD+R DL can burn DVD-R it would be greatly appreciated because at the moment I cannot even begin to isolate the problem down to ConvertX or the actual burner itself.

By the sounds of it, your problem is ConvertX. Maybe just convert & save to your hard drive & then burn with ImgBurn manually.

Could also be the media used, and the burn speed…what media, and try a slower speed.(6-8x)…FWIW, I also save to HDD and burn manually w/Imgburn…

Please post a logfile, eg. from Nero, that way we can see the drive model too.

Thanks for the replies I will try Imgburn, if this works then I’ll uninstall convertx and install the older version I had working on my old PC.

In response to burn speed, on my old PC I used to do 1x, worked every time. On this new burner the slowest speed is 4x so I did it at that and then it froze.

The media is cheap, but they burned 100% successfully on my old PC which was about 7 years old and had a bog standard DVD-RW burner in it, so a new LG should be able to do the job. But considering PCs are so temperamental I have ordered a 50 pack of verbatims so if in the mean time it starts burning coasters Ill burn onto the verbs.

Lastly I’ll post a log file as soon as I burn on nero, still have to install it yet so may be a while finding the disc.