Will DL media ever become affordable?



Right now I can get 100 good quality MCC004 dye media for £20 inc VAT and postage. Yet to buy 20 Verbatim 2.x (Only make worth buying it seems) the cheapest I can find in the UK is a little over £33 at SVP inc VAT and postage. That’s a ridiculous amount in comparison to single layer media.

It’s been pretty much this price or more for ages now and it looks like it will NEVER come down in price. So what next? Wait for HD DVD or BluRay players and media to become the norm?


The price of DL media you quote is far lower than the price of SL media when it was introduced. It’s also lower than the price of SL media including taxes and levvies here in Denmark and some other countries. So it’s a relative thing.

I bet if the price of a DVD SL was 1 penny and the price of a DVD DL was 5 pennies, many people would still consider DL media to be ridiculously expensive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember that DL media is more complicated to manufacture than SL media and that it’s produced in far less quantities.


DL is expensive [I]or[/I] SL media is ridiculously cheap, depends on your opinion.


Yup. As for Getting them for 33 pounds shipped from SVP, are you talking about bulk orders of the 20 packs? the cheapest I can see is 34.67 pounds per 20 pack (provided you aren’t ordering a whole bunch of them). Then again there are slightly cheaper options. :wink:


I do agree it’s much more expensive, less compatible and less resistant to damage I believe. I don’t think I’ll be buying many :stuck_out_tongue:

Will it become affordable, yes I think it is affordable right now… but SL media gives you way better bang for buck.

But seriously I cannot see it dropping much in price.


Kinda depends on how picky you are about your results and what applications you use them for. There are two applications that I currently use my D/L Verbatims for:

  1. TV Series backups. Sorry but here I notice a much larger disparity in quality between the original and a single layer backup (as compared to backing up a movie), so I find them to be quite useful for this.

  2. XBOX360 backups which AS OF RIGHT NOW ARE A MUST. Meaning that you absolutely have to use D/L media to get a working backup right now.

I can understand why a number of people won’t buy them though.


The price of tech items always depreciates.

You just gotta be a little patient.


If one is patient one can find DL +R DVDs here for under a dollar (Canadian) per disc. It isn’t cheap but it’s at least reasonable.

The first blank CD-Rs I bought were in the $1.50-$2.00 range so I don’t find the above price to be too ridiculous.

Obviously, if you can use single-layer media instead, it’s a lot less expensive and often of higher quality. A person has to make the choice based on the circumstances. Sometimes the extra expense of DL media is justified.


I’ve mostly backed up Movies with Single Layer, but want to backup some of my Dammed Universal and Fox Flippers onto Dual Layer, what software is best for doing this, can I just use Imgburn to create an Iso and then Burn to Dual Media?


You’re gonna need a program such as DVD Remake Pro for merging flipper DVDs


Verbatim DL should drop in price further this year due to outsourcing to MBI.


Yup, although who knows what kind of quality we can expect from MB. I haven’t been to impressed with the mixed reports on their single layer media.