Will Disney and Microsoft decide to join the DVD forum?

I just posted the article Will Disney and Microsoft decide to join the DVD forum?.

  There is an interesting bit of news over at The International  Herald Tribune today.                              The DVD Forum, said Disney and Microsoft intends to join 18 other ...
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Whoopee…:r…As if this is going to help the consumers getting better quality and price for their merchandise. This participation is a disguise for slipping the DRM into future consumers’ products…nothing more…:frowning:

So some form of firmware update may be applicable icepax? Has to be said though. Any greater levels of DRM than we have now could potentially kill the home computer industry. It’d mean the PC in the home would become little more than a tool for surfing the web to buy stuff, or play games on. The rest of it’s functionality would be crippled by DRM technologies, so no point in buying a PC really, or the part to build one. Unless the ‘difficulties’ can be overcome… :d

It’s Walt Disney, not Will Disney :B :stuck_out_tongue:
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I believe you guys missed the part here of their planned obsolescence (sp?)! These guys are supporting a high density DVD format over blue ray, if my reading of this article is correct. This ploy is nothing more than greed to get consumers to buy the “latest and greatest”, for the next few years, then phase it out for the blue ray, instead of leaping to the blue ray now. Yep, the costs are substantially more, however, once you start mass producing blue ray players/writers and media, the prices will probably drop to HD DVD levels. :r

By them boasting about Blu-ray discs costing 4 to 5 times as much to produce than DVDs mean that they must really have something against Blu-ray other than simply the cost. If a DVD costs 50 cent per disc to replicate, then a Blu-ray disc would cost up to $ 2.50 per disc. With current consumer-end DVDs costing so much as it is, they should have no problem either absorbing the cost or even part of it! Anyway, once mass produced, replication costs would have no problem falling down the current DVD replication costs; similar to how the dual-layer DVD-ROM’s were very expensive to produce at the start and now look at how cheaply they can be reproduced (at the manufacturing stage). To bring on a new DVD standard, they must assure it will be compatible with existing TV and HDTV standards and consumers should not have to replace their existing speakers or digital 5.1 systems just to hook up to it. Look at the mess that was done with Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio by deliberately not supporting current 5.1 digital surround sound systems! Even if HD optical discs are standardised, they must not expect consumers to replace their equipment if they expect consumers to migrate over. For example, if the DVD-players were designed only to work with digital TV’s and specific audio equipment, video tapes would likely still be the most popular format for movies today.
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“It’s Walt Disney, not Will Disney” Where’d you learn your english? The title is a question, as in “Will Walt Disney…?” Try changing Will to Walt and see if it makes sense! :X

Hey seanbyrne…just quoting you here… “they must not expect consumers to replace their equipment if they expect consumers to migrate over”…Funnily enough thats just what the Oz govt does expect consumers to do (in the change from analog to digital TV) we also had to do it for mobile phones…Had I recently bought a $ 10,000 plasma screen I would have to also buy a $ 700 signal converter somewhere in the near future…I guess it’s something we can thank greedy rsols like packer and murdoch for…:X
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From my understanding Disney, Microsoft and Sanyo were already selected as new members in November/December last year but they didn’t take office in the committee before the 25 February. http://www.dvdforum.com/sc-election-results.htm About costs, Memory Tech is in the HD-DVD camp so of course they tell you that Blu-ray Discs will be expensive to make. According to tech documents from the BDF a Blu-ray Disc will only be 10 % more expensive than making a standard DVD too.