Will development on firmware for SOHW-1693S continue?



KC4B has been up for a long time and I was wondering if there are any plans to update the firmware for the 1693S or if development is now focused on newer models?



c0deking said a while back he might have something new in store, but I’m thinking it’s still based on KS0B strategies. I know there was mention of KS0D floating around, but I don’t think liteon has intention of releasing it.
btw KS0B FBDX is newer than KC4B, it’s speed and quality patched.


I added KC4B after I had KS0B for a while. If you are right, then the codeguys must have based KC4B on what?..KS09? Based on the name that doesn’t look right.


4=4th revision
B=from KS0B


Thanks, I put KSOB-FBX on the burner…