Will decrypting the DVD with AnyDvd pose any problem to the original DVD?

Sorry to ask a stupid question. I have tried searching and google but can’t get a definite answer.
I was given a task to help my lecturer to back up a copy of a 2008 produced DVD which he bought in Europe in 2008.
With my limited knowledge on burning, I google and used DVD Decrypter on the DVD.Somehow,the ripping process was unable to rip the DVD fully,despite there was a “box” saying it was a success.

I found out there was a playback problem on the menu itself when I played the original copy upon finished ripping.
There was not a single problem in playback before I ripped the DVD

Subsequent playback didn’t reveal any playback problem.This kind of relieves me and worries me at the same time.I afraid the problem may crop up after I return.And, it is difficult and expensive to get another replacement copy.

Before I proceed to further experiment the best way to rip the movie,
may I know it is possible to mess up the quality of the original copy of the original DVD after ripping?I am thinking of using AnyDVD.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long winded questions

You can’t mess up the original DVD by ripping and decrypting it - except if you somehow physically scratch the disc.

You could also use something like DVDFab HD Decrypter to rip and decrypt the DVD onto your harddrive. It’s the free version of DVDFab.

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