Will crucial memory works for dell computers?



Will crucial memory works for dell computer? I thought dell computers only take memory bought from dell?


Shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve put Kingston and PNY branded in Dell’s before without problems, why should Crucial be any different?


Should work fine. I put 1 gig of Corsair in my Dell and not a problem, then again I also changed the cpu, added a video card and installed a DVD burner. All worked just fine. G/F loves that new Dell. LOL


I agree.I have an E510 and I am using OCZ.I just put a thermaltake PSU in it also


I think you should be able to look up your model Dell computer at the Crucial website and see what they recommend and have tested.


My model is dell dimension 4600. I checked crucial site. It says i can use pc 3200 or pc 2700 DDR. But it also says my model is not dual channel DDR memory but my model manual says it is dual Channel?
I had tried using kingston and pny but they didn’t work in my dell.


Yes, it should work very well. It is odd that the crucial.com site says your model does not support dual channel and your product manual says it does. Perhaps try contacting Dell support for clarification. regards, gamma1


The specs from Dell say it uses the 865PE chipset, which indeed uses dual channel DDR memory.


I don’t why not, unless Dell have written restriction on their manual which specified that Crucial memory not to be used.


Dell MOBOs are custom built by Intel for them by the millions. So far I have had 8 Dells at home and 300 at work and not any major problems at all with these units. I always buy the cheapest memory I can find at newegg or BB and it always works fine. The crucial site is also usually very accurate on these issues. Very strange indeed. seems I remember my 4600 not being DDR. But that was a long time ago. LOL


My Dell Dimension 4600 uses dual channel pc3200 DDR400 memory.Ive used PQI,Corsair and it works very well.


What is the cheapest 1gb memory now? I also have a Dell Dimension 4600 and i want to take the two 256 sticks out and add one 1gb stick. I was told to stick with the same sizes in all 4 slots.

I need 3200 ddr400.


Sometimes Kingston’s ValueRAM will be a good deal after rebates at Circuit City. BTW, although rebates are sometimes anathema to some, I can say I’ve always gotten my money on rebates from the 3 offers I’ve gotten from CC, so if you see a good deal on the Kingston RAM there via rebate, I would have no reservations about buying it, nor about getting the rebate. :wink: And I’ve seen the 400 Mhz for really good prices when they have it.


Keep matched pairs and keep your 256 in slots 2 and 4. Your memory will only work as fast as your slowest pair.


Kingston and pny don’t work. Mine manual says dual channel DDR2700. But when i looked at my memory it says dual channel DDR 3200.
Crucial says I don’t have dual channel and it allows me to buy either DDR 3200 or DDR 2700.


You can use faster memory on most systems. It just won’t run faster than the system will allow. Slower should work also. Good luck.


Ya im running 1.75GB of Ram in my dell 4600. I added a rendition PC3200 DDR400 1GB to it the other day, and had no issues. The other 512MB is the original out of the computer, and ive got another 256MB out of our old Tagar, so ya pretty much all DDR will work.


The other sticks you tried might not have worked because they weren’t installed properly. Sometimes it can take a bit of force to get them to seat properly.

Also, how much memory do you intend to add? For most DDR-era machines running WinXP there is very little to be gained by going over 1GIG of RAM.


lol i assume this issue was solved a year ago


[QUOTE=Blodulv;2153713]lol i assume this issue was solved a year ago[/QUOTE]

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