Will clonedvd and anydvd do dual layer?

will you be able to copy dvd’s with just selecting the “DL” option in clone dvd or should you rip it to HD first with anydvd then write it with clonecd. i remember reading that once a while ago.

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When you use CloneDVD2, it creates a temp folder on your hd anyway.
You can use AnyDVD Ripper to rip to hd, then use CloneCD to write to disc.
Or you can use CloneCD to copy DVD on the fly. Success depends on your system. You may have to drop the write speed when on the fly. So in the end result time wise is similar.

I would suggest just using AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 together, keep “delete temporary files” [B]un[/B]checked. It will burn to the HD and DVD media, if the media is bad you can just write “existing” files without ripping again. It saves a lot of time.

I say yes you can use CloneDVD and AnyDVD together to burn DL disk to DVD disk…it will just compress it but you will be able to play it just like it was DL disk. You will loose some quality but considering how much DL disk still cost it-this alternative is better then buying DL disk unless they go on sale. So my vote is yes go for it use it til you burn it. The process goes something like this

If you got all three programs installed that be first thing I say to do-restart.
Insert DVD+9 movie in your DVD burner drive
This point AnyDVD will be automatically running to decript any protection.
Then run CloneDVD and follow it process should be fairly straight forward if you been using the programs. Let it burn image to the temp folder it creates…and when its done it ejects the disk and ask for the blank DVD disk-but before all this there is a option in the process of compressin that you will use DVD+5 format that tell the software what you want to burn the DVD to what format. Back to the burn process after it burn to your DVD+5 disk and you finish it then ejects it out label it and you have a full running copy of your original DVD+9 but reformated and compressed to DVD+5 format…wahla…presto…

the original poster is not asking how to compress a dl to a sl disc. they wanted to know of anydvd and clonedvd2 woould burn to a DL disc.

the short answer…yes, they will.

That is right I agree with reasonsnotrules the poster question is can CloneDVD+AnyDVD copy DL movie in DL disk.

If one just reads the program description for CloneDVD2, this is readily acertainable…

AFAIK, Clonecd has the advantage of retaining the original layer break position when using +R DL blank media.

Will losing the original layer break position make it play poorly? and if i use clonecd do i burn it as data? What is the option to select for it?

clonedvd is a transcoder therefore it will remove the original layer break. when you do to burn it will calulate the optimal position for a layer break and re-insert it.

99% of people have no problem with this method, but since the layer break is up to the program and not where it was in the original it’s possible (however unlikely) that it will be pu tin a “bad” spot and cause skipping or freezing.

i don’t use clonecd so hopefully someone will come by with clarification as to that method.

my DL burning strategy:

  1. use only VERBATIM discs
  2. be sure drive firmware is up to date
  3. rip the disc in “ISO>READ” mode in dvd Decrypter with anydvd running in the background.
  4. this results in an ISO and a MDS file.
  5. open up ImgBurn and load the MDS file. Set burn speed (I use 2.4x) and burn as normal

this MDS file retains information from the original disc and “tells” the burning program where to put the layer break.

both DVD Decrypter and ImgBurn are free programs and CloneCD has a free trial so go ahead and give it a try and make up your mind for yourself. basically it operates on the same principle…keeping the layer break where it was on the original.

that being said, there are PLENTY of people that have no problem using CloneDVD2 to burn DL movies…

It may, as reasontorules mentioned, create a spot that will skip when the new layer break position is inserted when using a transcoder program such as Clonedvd2. However, if you use Verbatim +R DL media, it’s unlikely you will encounter this issue.

Regardless, the reason people wish to maintain the original layer break position is partly due to the belief that the original layer break is positioned in such a manner as to minimize the jarring effect of the annoying pause during playback (whether the original pause occurs during a spot that’s aesthetically pleasing to you is, of course, up to you to determine–but many feel the original does have the optimal layer break position).

and if i use clonecd do i burn it as data? What is the option to select for it?

Just have anydvd running in the background, stick the original disc in your reader, put a blank Verbatim +R DL disc in your burner, and click the “copycd” button in clonecd. Doesn’t take numerous steps. Simple . . .

Most newer players have sufficient buffer capacity to preclude the layer break from being noticeable. In any event, I think it shoud be of minimal concern to most of us…

personally, i wouldn’t copy on the fly, i’d make an image the burn from that image, but thats maybe just me :smiley:

Seems to me that Slysoft included the capacity to preserve the original layer break position with Clonecd and Anydvd for a reason . . .

I probably didn’t answer this fully. I prefer the method I posted above, but you can also select “write from imagefile”, if that’s what you prefer.

Maldron if you plan to use CloneCD to burn the movie make sure you have AnyDVD running in the background. Also CloneCD will require you make available a DL disk. CloneDVD will give you compress option of DVD+5 or DVD+9(original format DL on DVD movie) and other formats to compress to single DVD disk. But you can use another other software to fit your needs. And for what DVD disk to use I can’t say what will work properly on your setup or need-that you will have to do a trial and error as I have done in the past. I used Imation, Memorex, and Compusa DVD brand disk but go with what you been comfortable with using and working with.

must . . . . refrain from . . . . typing . . . diatribe . . .


Although, I guess I will mention media codes in addition to brand names and inner ring hub serials/ids are far more useful than just brand names (but in this case, I would still hesitate to recommend anything quoted above).

I second that. I would pay the extra cash and get verbatims.

Heh, think about the money one can save by not buying Verbatim media tho.

With all the money you would save, you could buy more of the other types… which will come in real handy when you have to redo the project because the original failed…

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Remember the Englkish man says I am not reach enough to buy cheap stuff.

If your going to use others quote make sure you use all the line instead of cherry picking the quote to fit your views. Maybe you do more heavy burning applications but for me needs those CD and DVD blanks works just fine for my needs and price wise they perform just as well as Sony DVD.