Will CloneCD make copy of any PSX game?



Will CloneCD make copy of any PSX game? Or are there any games that are a bit more tricky?


yes you can copy psx games …


I must report to you that I always use WinOnCd to copy PSX games! And I must say that I never had a failure with it!
Good luck!


Clonecd is better if you have the hardware. No more waiting for a patch to be made.


But I still have to have installed a modchip to get it to work, right?


Just a follow up. CloneCD works fine with my Mitsumi CR-4804TE CD-RW (24/4/4) and Toshiba XM-6402B (36x). So I just make a raw copy, and it’ll work, if I just get a modchip installed on my 9002 (haven’t done that yet)?


Yes Dazzler,
you still have to use a modchip or gamecracker (or something like that)!
Good luck!

BTW, when you use CloneCd with your Mitsumi 4804, is it possible to check “don’t repair subchannel data” in the write-options section?


Yes, no problem with checking “don’t repair subchannel data” in the write-options section.


i used an older version of nero to make a backup of a playstation game on an hp8210i and no modchip was needed and the game played great? but maybe it was because the playstation game was an older game that may be why it didnt need a modchip?


Well, I’ve tried it in the meantime. The PSX wouldn’t recognize the CD-R, but asked for an original PSX CD. I just NEED a modchip right now…


Yes thet’s right to play illegal games you must rebuild your playstation…
But clonecd works very good for copying…



I made a copy of my original Gran Turismo with CloneCD. The PSX wouldn’t recognize it, and asked for an original CD…need a modchip.


Dazzler, seems like your new at the PsX duping scene. Let me give you the info…

First off PsX games are protected using “Bad Blocks”. These blocks CANNOT be replicated by any CDRW drive. These are Physically Stamped on every Original PsX game. This explains why the games are black (actually dark purple) so that the bad blocks cannot be seen. When an original Psx game is inserted into the PsX console, the system looks for these blocks as a “go” signal to start the game. Now, when you copy a PSx game, you bypass those bad blocks and get to the data. AFter you sucessfuly burn a game, you essentially have the Exact game but without the Bad Blocks on it. This explains why you either get a Mod-Chip or an external mod-chip. The reason you need these devices is to bypass the bad block area and trick the PsX into thinking that it is a genuine game.
Mod-chips are handy because they always have the boot strap that tells the PsX console to bypass the bad blocks and load the game no matter what. When it comes to an external mod-chip things are a bit different. You plug it in the back of the PsX console much like a gameshark. I believe the new units lack the I/O Parrallel port, not sure. These devices are sometimes referred to as a GameEnhancer/Goldfinger/Pro-action replay. These are all the same. What you do for that is plug the unit in the back, insert an Original Psx game (could be a demo), when it stops spinning insert your burn CD and it should start up like normal. Personally, I recommend the unit that plugs on the outside. I use Nero (great Proggy) and have successfully burned over 25 copies =). Hope this helps any


Thanks Maligma. I’ve seen the light now. Hope I’ll get a modchip installed in a week or two. Then I’m off doing some CloneCD’ing ;-). BTW, I have a 9002 without the parallelport on the backside.