Will clean uninstall of Nero enough to run Prassi ONES well?

Will clean uninstall of Nero enough to run Prassi ONES well?

I have been planning on converting to ONES for quite a while. One thing causing the delay is that the tedious Nero clean uninstall as many users suggest required. Reportedly to have ONES run well, a user may even have to reformat disk as a result to completely getting rid of Nero.

I currently have Nero (the last version prior to version 7) installed on my XP Pro.

I am discouraged by ONES’s pickiness of other programs. What else burning software ONES conflicts with, I wonder. As I recently started burning DVDs and nothing much I have installed yet. I am planning on installing the followings.


  1. Will it be OK to have both Nero and Prassi ONES installed on the same PC? If not will clean uninstall enough to run ONES well? Is reformat really necessary?

  2. Will ONES conflict with any of the following burning programs?

  • AnyDVD
  • CloneDVD
  • ImgBurn
  • DVD Santa
  • DVDRebuilder DVD Shrink
  1. I’ve read the last two versions of ONES are not stable as their predecessors. What is the most stable version you recommend?

  2. Since what version does ONES started supporting NEC ND-4550A?

Thanks for advising!:slight_smile: