Will changing DVD+R booktype help compatibility with PS2 Games?

If this is possible, what setting should I put the DVD+R SL booktype setting at, so my burned DVD’s will (almost with no doubt) work on PS2?

I know that DVD-R media is more suited for the job, but is this method possible for someone who has only bought DVD+R’s?

It depends on the version of your ps2. If it doesn’t like playing +r booktyped, try out a dvd-rom booktyp. The only way for it to work is to try it out. I know on my v5 ps2 it played a movie burnt onto a +rw without a mod-chip. (now i have a mod-chip, havn’t tried +r media yet…)

For game backups, it surely helps!

i would recommend you change to prodisc dvd-r 8x

i have burn 80 of them without a problem

If you don’t have a modchip, I doubt either will work.

But try changing +R booktype to -Rom, it will at least convince it that it’s playing a pressed DVD, excepting PS2 games.

Bitsetting is only possible on ‘+’ media, if that’s what you meant.

You don’t need to change the booktype if you have a relatively recent PS2, see below;

PS2 DVDR/RW support revisions:
Version 1-3 DVD-R/RW only
Version 4 DVD-R/RW & DVD+R
Version 5-10 DVD-R/RW & DVD+R/RW

If your not sure you can check here what revision yours is at the link below.

Version 9 & 10 are the most common PS2’s around and it will play either - or + format discs just fine.

(With the exception of the new DVD+R DL [double layer] discs I’ve heard others got these to work fine in their PS2 but the test movies I made using Ritek & Verbatim discs refused to play properly in my v9 PS2 and two other v9’s I tested them in but played fine in normal DVD players, changing the booktype made no difference.)

I might help with movie compatibility even without a modchip.

But if you’re looking to play backup PS2 games without a modchip, it work work no matter what type of media you use or even if you booktype it. The
boot sectors of the original disc can’t be copied therefore the game won’t boot without a modchip or any other device used to play backups.

Hi Everyone,

have 3 questions:

  1. Do you mean that there is a concret writer software what can set the booktype when copying PS2 game-disc?

  2. What is the booktype of the origi PS2 game-discs?

  3. Same as the pressed DVD-videos or DVD-ROMs?

Thnx & Regards,

  1. Most software will support bitsetting. Nero does. More important: your dive has to support bitsetting.
  2. Original discs are “pressed” discs so they always should be DVD-ROM.
  3. Compatibility will be highest when you set your burned media to DVD-ROM.

Who is asking such a question should not be surprised to get an reaction question like “Do you even own one PS2 game?” …

Really, mache, I cannot understand this. :confused:

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