Will cable TV become protected?

Will cable TV become protected? In someplaces movies on HBO… are now copy protected. My cable company rents many DVRs as of yet only on demand and PPV can not be copied to the DVR. If they protect movies what would be the point of having a DVR, Tivo, replayTV, DVD recorder, VCR?

Already is in many areas. If I go Digital Cable, I lose the ability to record certain shows, even though I pay for them monthly. They do offer On Demand, but only for digital cable subscribers. I’m still on analog cable without any box - direct cable to back of TV type of thing. I’m not movin’ up unless I am forced to.

Even though there isn’t a federal broadcast flag, some cable companies are already doing something equivalent at the local level. Kinda sucks.

Did you notice Sima GoDVD now hard to find or sold out. Macrovision working the laws so most people can’t record movies at home. Now you can understand why I have two hacked LVW 5005s.
Makers of DVD recorders, DVRs and VCRs should be making a big fuss.
I may just buy another Dimax before they are gone.

Sima doesn’t even reference the CT-2 or CT-200 on their site any more.

I’m glad I got one.

My drive replaced and hacked Liteon LVW 5005s may have much more value soon.
Some Video Stablizers sill for sale, but for how much longer, big brother is hard at work.

Could be.

I know that I have cut back on my TV consumption. I pretty much stick to what is on the major over-the-air networks. Gave up on HBO, FX and even Sci-Fi (after this 10th season of Stargate, which they have now cancelled). ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW - that’s about it. I’m trying to wean off of it. I spend more time listening to audio books or sports radio and less watching any of the dramas on the tube. Besides, most of the new content is kinda cruddy anyway.

I am adicted to movies I have many that would be hard to find anyplace, like 58 episodes of Tour of Duty, Broadcast/Network TV is all Cr@p, and FX, SciFI have too many adds. My replayTV lets me save the shows I want to record.

Well, let’s hope that it all works out and we can continue to record for a while longer.

Look for another ES15 and Sima/Dimax while you still can. Or you may have a DVD recorder that can hardly record anything. :a
Protecting Tapes and DVDs is one thing protecting TV just not acceptable :doh:
I remember adds for TMC int the early 1990s “TMC the perfect companion for your VCR - record movies then watch then when you want”.

I think the one ES15 and Sima CT-200 will do me. I can’t justify buying two sets, really.