Will C&C Generals have Securom 4?

Does anyone know if Command and Conquer Generals will have the new uncopyable securom 4? I hope not, thanks. :cop:

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Does anyone know if Command and Conquer Generals will have the new uncopyable securom 4? I hope not, thanks. :cop:
I doubt it. Its an Electronic Arts game. They are rock solid with Safedisc. Expect Safedisc 2.8 at least :slight_smile:

I have to agree with Bulk. EA is a pretty solid user of Safedisk. As this is a pretty major release for them expect it to be a new version of it. Maybe 2.9 or 3…

Be sure, I’m definitely not aware of that but I also guess that it’s 2.90. As Macrovision announced the release of version 2.90 in February it’s very likely that it will have this protection

Originally posted by elite_forces
Does anyone know if Command and Conquer Generals will have the new uncopyable securom 4? I hope not, thanks. :cop:

have the game right here in my drive :slight_smile:
no worry it’s only safedisk 2.8 protected.

I bought C&C the very second it came out.
I can confirm that the protection used is sd2.80.10 so there should be no problem to copy this game with alcohol or something. If you have a newer asus burner you can even use ccd.
Copy the same way as you do with sims unleached.
I have made a backup the same way and I’m running C&C Generals from my backup.
I don’t know what the problem is, but when I go to skirmish I get blown up if I’m building to fast.
The problem is not one because the backup isn’t right, because the original does the same thing.

ps. backups made from the original might not work if you use an update, because sd2.9 might be on it then. But it sure as hell works for the unpatched version.

They can’t upgrade from SD 2.80 to 2.90 with a patch, because something on the CD itself is going to be different for SD 2.90 titles (they can of course update the encryption part to make cracking more difficult, but that’s it)

if they update the protection you get the same problems as with neverwinter nights where the game wont run anymore even with the original disks.

Sorry for the stupid idea that there could be an update to make sd2.8 be sd2.9, but that came because I really don’t have a clue how sd2.9 will work or works.

I don’t think they will use a patch that will not even let the original play, because it was with the securom protection and I guess that people learn from mistakes. Also the protection was even taken off with a newer patch. I believe that “gameprotectors” see what other “gameprotecters” make so they can learn from eachother, just like we “backup-ers” learn from eachother. I also believe that we will always win from protections, if not 1:1 than with other tricks. We outnumber the RIAA and all the other legal $*#%@ people.

ps. sorry I tried to edit my reply but than I get another reply.
Fixed it for ya.

i dont think that they are going to do that either

from what i understand SD 2.9 uses an other kind of weak sectors so that the game with a patched 2.9 protection wont run from a SD 2.8 cd because the sectors wont match.

Well the game is out now so someone should be able to scan it to see what it really does have

psssst, jay sea already did :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that this may sound a strange thing to ask or even recall, but we know that Generals has SD2.8… but is it also possable that EA could but say SD2.9 on it in a different area. By that I mean say for Europe the put SD2.8 while in the US or Asia Pacific reagion the put SD 2.9. And has something that that even been done with a game?

It has been done.
Long time ago alot of games was unprotected in the US and protected in Europe… Other examples are games having Safedisc in Australia and SecuROM in Europe.
Often happens when the game have different publishers in different regions.

But I doubt C&C differentiating since it has EA as worldwide publisher.

Thanks Airhead. I know that EA is it publisher but I though that it was one of there games before that I can remember them doing something like it. I could be wrong in thinking that it was them.

Okay, I’m not really a newbe at this but copying CNC Generals is making me look like one.

I have tried Clony and BlindWrite both fail… many coasters. All signs point to Safedisc 2.8 and it rips and burns fine. It even installs the game fine. With the Clony burn I try and load the game and it errors out saying the disk is not loaded. With the BlindWrite burn it just sits at the splashscreen with the CD constantly spinning up and down with no errors.

The only way I have had success loading the game without orig disks is with Deamon. Its seems to recognize the fact its using a CDR becasue when I load the CCD image into the emulated disk drive with Deamon it runs fine as long as no disks are in the drive. An interesting note with this is the emulated drive had to have real disk properties so I just named it the same as my existing sony. With just the generic properties I would get the same disk error as when I tried to load with the Clony burned disk.

It appears my Rip is fine, its the burn thats not working out to well. Any steps I might be missing. I’ve seemed to take all the Safedisc 1:1 steps.


safedisc can be hardware dependent - and you didnt mention your hardware…

u could try here i see a post on this site worked for me!
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i’ve exactly the same prob (like fotomann) with my backup of splinter cell!

image (made with clonecd or blindwrite) works fine, but burnt on R it doesn’t

but really funny is: burnt on RW it works anyway
(of course: burnt with same configuration & i’ve tried several speeds with R & with RW)

(i have: plex48)

I have not had any problems copying splinter cell or C&C Generals using a toshiba 1612 reader and a lite on 48x24x48 burner with clone CD. they install and run fine on my three computers, BUT… all my computers have toshiba DVD Drives.

I had two friends try out the copies and one worked fine (lite on DVD) the other had problems (LG DVD)