Will BW5 ever NOT eject CD/DVDs?

This fault/bug has been there since the very first version of BW5.

No matter what state the ‘Eject media at completion’ is, (On or Off), it will eject it. It also resets it between running BW5.

No offence but I’d rather not have dust getting sucked into my CD/DVD drives just because I happen to go make a cup of coffee when BW5 finishes.

I honestly can’t believe that this is so hard to fix, even CopyToDVD has this bit working!?!?

Should I start sending invoices to VSO for reducing the life of my CD/DVD writer?

If they’re not going to fix, why not just remove it?

And yes, I did report this bug ages ago to VSO, (first version of BW5 IIRC), nothing’s been done.


to be sure we can examine the problem we need basic information such, cd / dvd writer model, media used, and project.
the eject command is not working the same for every piece of hardware, that’s the problem…

Let’s see then:

The following has had different firmware at various times and made no difference to how BW5 works, (ie. it will always eject the CD/DVD).

CD/DVD Writer: NEC 2500A DVD-writer
NEC 3520A DVD-writer
LiteOn 5232K Combo
LiteOn 24102B CD-writer

Media: Basically everything I’ve used; Princo CDR|RW/DVD-R, Verbatim CDR, TDK CDR/DVD+|-R|+RW, GSC DVD-R, Ritek DVD-R, Mitsubishi CDRW, Memorex DVD-RW, Imation DVD+RW, manufactured CD/DVD and more.

Project: BW5 only has 3 modes, Copy, Read and Write it does it on all of them, whether it’s reading a manufactured CD/DVD or writing a CD/DVD.

This has happened through 3 changes of motherboard and 3 changes of CPU, always XP Pro SP2.

The thing is though, if I use the BlindWrite->Drivers->Check program, I can make the drive eject/load through the patin-coufin driver.

It seems as if BW5 is not communicating to the driver so the driver is just defaulting to eject.

Where does BW5 store it’s settings?
I assume it must be in registry somewhere since no file is changed/created in the BW5 directory. Can you tell me what to set to tell it not to eject because it’s either not storing it or just ignoring it since it always defaults back to eject when it’s run.