Will Blu-ray music take off?

I just posted the article Will Blu-ray music take off?.

When most people think of Blu-ray, they picture movies, not music, but some heads of the recording industry see untapped potential in Blu-ray music.

Members of the National Association of…

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I bet it takes off about as well as DVD audio…er…oh… nevermind.

Damn, you beat me to it. Yeah, Blu-ray Audio will never happen. NARM needs to go back to sleep.

They failed to market and promote HDAD, DVD-A, SACD, and will do the same with BD-A. That said, there continues to grow a small and dedicated market for audio enthusiasts who collect all the above. Prices for used out of print DVD-A and SACD continue to climb and are already past what a BD disc costs.

Check out the high-res offerings from 2L: http://www.2l.no/2L.htm. They offer several combo packs with BD-A and SACD discs.

Can I copy it? No? Then I want nothing to do with it.

High end audio is cool is if you have a high end audio system to listen to it on. As for me I listen to most of my music on my mp3 player or on the cd player in the car. What I would like is for dvd drives to be made into cd players, so you could burn a dvd with cd audio on it. extending the 700 megs of lossless audio to 4.7gigs, which would allow you to put uncompressed live concerts onto a single disc.

zod you can, there is a program that will take PCM audio from cd and turn it into PCM DVD-V (Audio format and all you need is a cheap dvd player in your car, this is something i will eventually do, i have made several of these discs and they work perfectly.
Audio DVD creator very cool i love it!

thats all and well zod, but most people don’t have high end audio systems! DVD audio failed, so there is no point in even trying to get blu audio to become a seller!

Great program. I used it a few years ago to put 99 Christmas songs onto DVD. The name of the song comes up on the tv screen. Everyone I gave a copy to loved it.

Yes you can

DVD-A was and is a pain in the ass. You have to use composite jacks for each channel to get the 192Khz and 96Khz audio to play. Stereo was only supported at the higher resolution, which sort of sucked. I have 2 DVD players in my house that supports the format but rarely use it. I have one DVDA disc, The Eagles Hotel California. The fidelity is great but the hassle to go through just to play the disc isn’t worth it to me. That and the discs are expensive.

shaolin007, I’d be happy to buy that one DVD-A disc from you…
There are players that support the full resolution output through HDMI so that you don’t have to use a half-dozen RCA cables.
I love SACD and DVD-Audio and have been disappointed to see them die off for mainstream music (there are still plenty of fresh jazz and classical recordings). I would be very happy to see BD-Audio take off. I know it’s a niche, but it’s a niche I love.

My tinnitus and high frequency hearing loss kinda put a downer on anything ‘high end’. That said with CD’s taking a nosedive and MP3’s etc being lossy in quality there needs to be something to take CD’s place for quality audio. DVD-A was difficult because it relied on a different codec. Will BD-A depend on the high end lossless DTS? If so then there should be no problem with compatibility.

As I get older ‘high end’ frequencies get lost with all the din in the world. Unless you have exceptional hearing that allows you to hear mosquito farts, why bother? Subsonics are felt more than heard, again so what? I listen to music for the content, not whether or not I can hear the janitor in the background dumping trash near the center left channel…

RIAA PERFORMANCE LICENSE – What do these retailers think they are trying to get away with!!! lol…

I’m all for new technology & innovation, but BluRay Audio is just a lost cause, and will lead a mediocre existence, and eventually slink off to die.
CD Audio is too well established, and 99% of the population won’t be able to discern the difference… and youngsters … the ones with the disposable $$$ are too busy downloading everything convenient for their ipods/nokia phones for $.

Add the “managed Copy” to the mix, and it’s never going to make a dint in anything except high-end audiophiles, which are quite frankly antisocial nuts that wander around in their bath robes listening to non-existant “tones” all day.

A song comes to mind: “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?”

This just shows how clueless the industry leaders are. When it comes to music - if it isn’t portable- it’s dead. Who needs surround sound HD music when you are in an airplane? Who needs a giant device to play them on and a bag to schlepp around to carry your discs? Who wants a disc anyway? We already went thru this crap with CD’s- they are kryptonite to a music lover!!!

You can’t CHOOSE what tracks are on it and it is half empty as they only want 10 to 13 tracks for 20 bucks!

I got news for the “music industry”… you have destroyed the market for yourselves, with your manufactured “stars”. THEY ALL SUCK!!!

This is all due to the Brittany Spears effect of not taking chances with new talent and keep sending out the same mindless Brittany clones- because you made some money off her.

Most of them can’t write music and even if they could - they could not come up with enough material to fill an album.

Therefore- you don’t “need” an album. So, what is happening? The greedy bastards are trying to sell the same crap again on another incompatible media. They will re-introduce al the same crap from the 60’s thru the 80’s and try to gush about it and tell everyone how much better it is AGAIN. Just like the Blu-ray / DVD “argument”.

Sorry- been there done that.

As for the BDA- take your DRM and your musical escapades and shove them so far up your collective asses- that even Adam Lambert wont try to pull it all back out!

Stick a fork in yourselves- your both done.

I would not be surprised to read in a few weeks of a HD Audio mini-BR disc and player. It’ll cost 600 bucks due to the processing power to decrypt it and come with a set of cheap earbuds and an Internet cable port.

I hope they do- it will help drive some more nails in the BDA coffin and help drain profit from the music companies as well, if they even make any at this point.

I agree with XStylus, If I can’t buy it burn it rip it and sell it.

I don’t want it.

Long live the CD !

Anyone want the 3 DTS audio discs that are still on my shelf from 10 years ago? …LOL

Well, I have to disagree with you, DVD-A & BD-A are & will be dead cause it’s really hard for the untrained or insensitive human ear to actually recognize the difference between a 44KHz & 192KHz, 16bit & 24bit, or many of the frequencies above 17/18 KHz… so no matter how much you’ll increase the bit depth, resolution or frequency range, you’ll still get almost the same audio experience…

But it’s not the same for HD Video… I can EASILY spot the sharp & clear difference between a high quality DVD-9 video & HD Video from a Blu-ray even on my Laptop’s tiny 15" screen…

it’s just that the video technologies hasn’t yet reached a “transparent” level to the human eye, with Audio, anything above 192kbps MP3 is almost transparent to 99% of human ears…

and no, the Audio CD is NOT dead yet… maybe the crappy pop music nowadays is not worth the plastic, but for Classical, Jazz & Heavy Metal, an MP3 is a disgrace… there’s so much more value in the lossless physical recording, with the artworks and original prints, more than any FLAC+CUE and a folder of scans can ever be…

Digital is convenient, but it lacks all the value, warmth, experience and familiarity we had before with CDs, Cassettes & Vinyl…