Will Blu-ray blanks suffer from fallout like dvdr do?




does anyone know if a blu-ray blank (bdr?) will keep its data any longer than dvd-r do? Verbatim and TY are the best dvd-r for keeping the data esp movies where I have seen in a lot of other media that if the disc is stored for any period, the next time it wont play.

Is there a difference in the dyes used in the bdr between brands?



There are different dyes even on same brand (organic dye on LTH BD-R vs non-organic dye) but usually the MIDs will be different.

As for quality scan or longetivity based on home device (non Professional hardware), currently only Lite-ON 401S BD-ROM drive can scan Blu-ray media using CDSpeed/DiskSpeed but we haven’t any [I]agreement[/I] on how to intrepret the scan…



so what is the better blu ray blank to get?


non-organic dye?

ink jet printable?