Will BenQ QSuite conflict with PlexTools Pro?



I’m planning on getting a Benq 1640 since I already have 3 Plextors and my 708A is having CD-R/W reading problems. My question is will BenQ QSuite conflict with PlexTools Pro?


No. I have both, no Problem. Doubt there would be any interaction between the two.:slight_smile:


lol… would Windows Paint conflict with Photoshop if you have both installed ? =))


Thanks a simple “NO” would’ve been sufficient.


Sorry :o


Some people are so touchy around here, hehe


You should add a Plextor Premium instead. Why break up a perfect matched set of Plextors. :wink:


The Plextor Premium has reading problems too?


I have both (plextoolsXL) & QSuite , and 0 problema (benq1625&plex716)


Accepted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, Plextools and QSuite/WOPC Tools no problem here.


I already own a plex premium, I have a 716A, 708A (thats about to RIP), and a Premium. Getting tired of Plextors, I had a 48/24/48A about 3 years ago and it died just after the 1yr warranty expired, bought the Premium afterwards.

Now my 708A is about RIP. I guess it all comes down to luck with Plextors my friend is still using his Plex 24/10/40 on his prehistoric computer with prehistoric OS (win98) on his new computer his 708A is still running strong and we bought ours at the same time :a

I figured it’s time to try a new brand, Plextors cost more than other brands and aren’t guaranteed to last longer with the extra $$$ consumers shell out. I wanted to make a smooth transition wether it be software or hardware problems. I’m tired of trying new software/hardware and have to troubleshoot it afterwards. I just want the shit I buy to work, but from what I’m hearing from you guys everything is a GO so I’ll just gonna wait until the 1640 appears on newegg.