Will BenQ 1620 Overburn DVD +/- R? (> 4482 MB?)

Just got on board here! Hoping for a definitive answer from the folks on this highly regarded forum, after hours of frustration!

I bought the I/O magic drive yesterday at my local Staples. Luckily, I got the BENQ 1620 (small box) and crossflashed the firmware from G7C9 to B7U9 successfully.

Before purchase I read posts saying that this drive could OVERBURN DVD+R media! As in, get 100 - 150 MB extra space per DVD! This drive and the Plextor 716A apparently are the only drives that that can overburn using the Nero “DVD Overburn” feature. I specifically sought out this excellent burner for that purpose (the bonus being that it gives very high quality burns also!)

Well, I can’t get this drive to burn more than 4482 MB on my TY02 DVD+R media! CDspeed overburn test fails, Nero accepts my 4.46 GB .ISO image fine, but it fails after 4482 MB!

Can anyone tell me for sure??? Saw some posts confirming the 716A overburn results to 4600 MB on CDFreaks forums and one report that BENQ 1620 could overburn with B-series (retail) firmware installed.

What am I missing here?

I sucessfully burned a 4489MB with Nero Express 7 onto DVd-R don’t actually know if this is classed as an overburn maybe some one will confirm this, DVD+R disks that I use wouldn’t even start not enough room on disc error reported.

MOD.IT, you have just resurrected a thread that has been dead for 14 months!

DVD+R media have a capacity of slightly over 4482 MB, and DVD-R media have a capacity of approximately 4489 MB.

This means you are not overburning your DVD-R! Nor has there been any reports of any drive being able to overburn DVD-R (simulations don’t count).

AFAIK you can’t overburn with the 1620 - you need a 1640/1650/1655 and you need to disable SolidBurn.

Zyzzle is going to be so pleased it only took 14months! for someone to reply to his post LOL :smiley: