Will be possible to convert a 4120b/4160b into a 4163b?



Not too long ago I read here some ppl was able to convert a 4120b into a 4160b doing some tricks with both drives firmwares. I was just wondering if it would be possibe to convert a 4120b/4160b into this new model (4163b).
Is it too early to request this?

Anyway, I’ve seen not many (external) differences between previous models and this one (maybe I’m wrong), but does the new one give support to bit setting? or pi-po errors? (I’m not sure if that one is well written, sorry anyway). If there’s no possibility at all I’ll try to sell my father my gsa-4120b and then buy this new one :iagree:


The 4163b doesn’t support writing DVD-RAM, so why change it?


I don’t use to write to dvd-ram media for two reasons:

  • It’s hard to find in my country / it’s more expensive also
  • What’s the difference that makes it sooo interesting?


Look here.


Your questions have already been answered:


The LG 4163 does support dvd-ram writing - at 5x.


oh, i confused the numbers sry ;D


You must have meant GRA-4161B. :slight_smile:

I did some tests of 5x DVD-RAM (Maxell media provided by LG for GSA-4120B sample test) on GSA-5163D. Much the same as on GSA-4120B and GSA-4160B. Slow writing at just over 2x (about 3MB/s) with verification always ON and reading at 5x max. :slight_smile:


God Kenshin spoke to the servants on Earth. Thanx ppl I’ll take a look at it as soon as possible :wink:


I’ve posted like the immediate previous post hundreds of thousand times and has I suddenly become a god?? :eek: Thanks anway. :slight_smile: :bow:


Just kidding… :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanx to everyone that helped me find the right way.
@Kenshin: You deserved that for your constant support to LG users (not only me, but everyone)