Will Arusoft update DeUHD to allow use of MK (custom) firmware for friendly/official UHD drives?



MakeMKV has released tweaked firmware (MK firmware) for a number of friendly/official UHD drives. An example would be the MK version of the latest official 3.10 firmware for the ASUS BW-16D1HT. The MK version of the firmware keeps the drive “friendly” however DeUHD doesn’t support the drive when this firmware is being used. The official 3.10 firmware does actually contain some useful fixes (ie sleep bug) which carries over into the MK firmware. Will Arusoft be resolving this? The drive is still friendly using the MK firmware and works fine with AnyDVD, MakeMKV, and DVDFab. Only DeUHD stops working with the drive.

I’m hoping that Arusoft does whatever is needed to allow the drives running the MK firmware to be supported. Users should be able to use whichever software that they wish. It’s best for everyone when they can interchangeably switch between programs. Redundancy is always beneficial.


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