Will AnyDVD work for my problem?

Hi Guys!
I recently bought some DVD’s region 2 PAL from internet. I was using “Region Killer V2.5” to make my DVD region free andd with these DVD’s they do play, but pass most of the chapters in seconds and doesn’t let me see the discs. Unfortunately, my DVD drive is a Matshita…
Will AnyDVD solve my problem?

Thanks :bow: :bow: :bow:

No harm in installing the trial version i think :slight_smile:



It should, just make sure to select your region when setting up.

One of the features of AnyDVD is to simulate a region locked DVD in the region of your choice, so there is no reason to think it won’t work with your hardware.

Why not take Fedorov’s advice and try it out. I would suggest uninstalling Region Killer first though as there is a good chance these 2 apps will clash with each other.


Matshita is quite special… But if you were using Region Killer (which if I remember correctly needs an RPC1 drive) AnyDVD should work, another thing is that your drive is RPC2. In that case you will need an RPC1 firmware because AnyDVD will not be able to decrypt discs not matching the region of your drive.