Will AnyDVD damage my Original DVD Movie?

Hi! Im new in this, well my question is quite simple, I got my movie Saw 3 extreme edition, but my disk got skratched by my sister :sad: now the last part of the movie doesnt work correctly but the bonus material and everything else works perfectly… so i decided to make a copy of it. and by searching on the web I discover this software so i would like to know if using it could damage my original movie :rolleyes: bcz it will "Remove encryption (CSS) and region code (RPC) from DVDs and Remove analogue copy protection "

I dont want to damage (even more lol) my Dvd :sad:

Thank you for your time

Hi and Welcome!

your original disc is read-only. That means, the data on it cannot be changed/destroyed/etc (unless there is a little sister/brother using heavy tools :bigsmile: )

In this case, “remove …” means, the copy made with that software will not have these restrictions that are present with the original disc :wink:


:smiley: Thank you!! well that answer my question have i nice day and once again thank you very much

You’re very Welcome :slight_smile: