Will AnyDVD backup PS2 games?

I’ve tried reading threads on this topic but am only more confused…

I can burn DVD movies fine using my AnyDVD software w/ 1Click Pro using Sony Vaio laptop (DW-Q58A driver).
I’m sure the “backing up games” process is not the same.
Don’t understand what "modded PS2, (chip or swap magic) means/is.

Is there something else I should buy?

Thanks to anyone who’s able to explain this to someone w/ a clue whatsoever!

anydvd id for dvd video only as far as i know.

consoles are much different. Others will have better explanations than i do, but in general a console will NOT play a backup without some sort of “mod”

this involves having a chip soldered into the system (not sure exactly how or where) or running a cd that makes it think it’s starting up a regular game then switching the cd with your backup in order to get it to start reading.

be careful modding any systems that have an online component. i know microsoft bans xboxes from their system and the only solution at that point is to purchase a new xbox.

i don’t know the exact steps for backing up games, but i’m sure there are threads in the non-movie forums here on cdf that will help you out!

this thread may be of interest:

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=214326&highlight=back+ps2+games (check the link in post #3)

it’s a pretty old thread, but that console is relatively old (by today’s standards) as well so I don’t suspect MUCH of the information has changed…although if I’m wrong pelase correct me!

You will absolutely need a mod chip for playing backups, but, CloneCD can do the job of making the backup just fine.

Just tried using Clone2 after inserting game but when I clicked on game title in my E: drive, a popup read “can’t read video files from E:/” “E: video_TS IFO. Unable to open file” "system cannot find the file specified"

What the?? Did you not read what I wrote? CloneCD, not CloneDVD!! CloneDVD only works on video dvd’s. :slight_smile: Try again with CloneCD, but, like we said, you will need a mod chip to use the backup.