Will an xbox play dvds from around the world?

Does anyone know if an xbox will be able to play dvds from around the world? Or is it code/region locked?

well if you mod it and put XBMC (XBox Media Center) on it im pretty sure it will play dvd’s from anywhere (especially if there decoded)

but if you got a XBox my advice is to softmod it (which is free) and then you can play just about any video format a pc can play on it (besides HD of course cause of CPU limitations)

p.s. a moded XBox running XBMC is pretty much the only (well at least main) reason i still use my XBox console to this day… as i use it to play movies etc from the xbox’s hard drive or you can even stream the video’s from the PC to the XBox and watch em that way (i.e. the video file is on the pc itself but you can stream it through the xbox and watch it on your tv on the fly)

Are you using the Xbox 360, or the original?
I Think you have to mod the original to get it to play DVD from different regions, I don’t think you have to on the 360.

[edit]I say that because it has support for pretty much every world language so I would assume it supports discs from all (or most) regions.