Will an unofficial firmware kill your drive faster?

Liteon DVDROM SOHD 167T (V9S1B). When you flash your drive to a firmware that is made to rip dvd’s faster will this shorten your drive’s life (MTBF)???
Can this new firmware help me to copy on the fly faster???

Of course the hardware will be more maxxed out and therefore the lifespan gets shorter…

Stick with the 12x ripping rather than the 16x that you’re using. The time difference between the two isn’t great & the accuracy is probably higher at 12x.

OK. But 16X is FAST!!! I ripped a full 4.3GB movie in 5:40mins, it usually takes about 12-14 mins. Now thats a drastic improvement for me but I’ll go 12X to give the drive a little longer life.