Will an ac to usb adapter fry my brand new mp3 player?



I recently bought myself the new creative zen xfi. So far its great (knock on wood). The downside is that nowadays, mp3 players don’t come with an outlet charger, and then you have to spend another 30$ if you want to be able to do that. My friend suggested that I just use an ac to usb adapter, but I’ve been trying to do some research before I risk frying my fairly new player. The adapter I purchased has an output of 5VDC and 750mA. I’m fairly certain that the voltage is correct, but being somewhat ignorant in regards to electricity, wanted to find out if the amps mattered at all. Whatever I’ve read while trying to learn more about this seems to indicate that the amps is only the speed the electricity is moving at, but I wasn’t totally clear on it? If anyone could please help me out and shed some light on this for me that would be awesome. Thanks!


Hi you already have the same question posted in General Hardware here:


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