Will Alcohol play nice

with DiscJuggler and Nero already on my system? Also, I remember reading a review of Alcohol on CDFreaks… or at least I think it was here, I can’t find it anymore.

I’ve got all of those 3 proggies (and others) on my system right now and have no compatibility problems.

Nero + CloneCD + BlindWrite + Alcohol 120%. NO PROBLEM.:wink:

Nero + CloneCD + BlindWrite + Alcohol 120% + Plex Tools + Ferio = No Problems

alcohol + cd mate + fantom cd + ezcd cremator + clone cd + feurio + eac + betas of ice alcohol and alcohol easy build disc creator and no compatibility problems whatsoever. (there may even be more that will burn cds installed on my system that i can’t remember)

the only app that caused me any problems was nero and since i trashed that p.o.s. i haven’t had any problems at all. btw, i NEVER install any packet writing software.