Will Alcohol help?



I have e-books a dvd,by simple copying it into anyother dvd-r it not works when we give dvd key then it scans the dvd and said it is not original
on other hand the original dvd after giving its dvd key it scans and passes the phase?
i also used virtual drive simply make image but it also does’nt works is there any option in alchohol to make coppies of that orignal dvd…


Could you post some more information, such as the version of Alcohol you are using, is it the retail or trial version, where did you download it from, what copy protection - with version if possible - is on your original dvd (use A-Ray or protectionID scanner)!?
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it was main thread!
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i also think so, that it may due to use of copy protection.if software tells wht kind of protection it had then is there any software or wht will be its solution


will Alcohol help???

Alochol can help, sometimes, in many ways. :bigsmile:

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To know the copy protection on your cd or dvd, use a scanner called [B]ProtectionID[/B] or [B]A-Ray[/B] (search with google for them).