Will Alcohol 120% replace CloneCD?

It seems that Alcohol is moving up in the ranks of most useful burning software, now with it’s ability to copy Safedisc 2.8 and rip SecuROM 4. I only have the trial version of CloneCD and I was seriously thinking of purchasing it. However, Alcohol is looking like a more attractive program to purchase now. What do you think?

Well, unless olli comes out with a new version of ccd soon that can, at least, reliably cope with sd 2.8x with 2 sheep writers (and Liteys in particular), you’d have to think that alcohol will replace ccd as the most popular duping proggie.

I would advise you to wait a little, more and more signs are showing us that Elby is working hard on a new CloneCD, the only thing we have to find out is if it does it’s job as good as Alcohol 120%. Hopefully it’s some good competition, because that will only make developements progress faster…

I spoke to Olli via E-Mail and he told me that an updated CloneCD is scheduled for mid-November, so lets wait and see, then we can make the judgement of which program is better.


did he tell what we can expect??

I asked about CloneCD & MakeDisc.

These were his exact words:

MakeDisc seems to be a “never ending story”…
CloneCD update is scheduled mid-November.


Never found out what was expected in next release :frowning:


From what I have learned from Elby I can confirm what xoron has posted. They have confirmed development of CloneCD is still in progress, and has not been stopped, as some people might think. There are releases planned at least, as always no real time schedule given :wink:

I hope that this “Makedisc” won’t replace CCD in the future…



MakeDisc is a totally seperate program from CloneCD.

MakeDisc = Premastering Software.
CloneCD = Duplicating Software.

MakeDisc won’t replace the almighty CloneCD because they have two different objectives.


Forgive my “newbie-ness”, but what is PREMASTERING anyway?



Don’t worry mate, basically a Premastering program is something similar to Nero Burning Rom, i.e allows you to be able to create your own data and Audio CD’s. The exact features that MakeDisc will have is unknown, but I would expect it to atleast be able to create both data & audio cd’s.


I will wait for olli :bow: