Will Abit KV8pro support the SATA H62n's pwnage?

old mobo but a goodie.

If I’m remember correctly this mobo is based on VIA K8T800pro / 8237 . It supports SATA1 ( 150 MB/s ) in southbridge and I think that is more than enough to drive the H62N.

I have a ASUS mobo based in the same chipset and all my burners works fine even using an sata to IDE adapter. :bigsmile:

thanks i have an hd sata but i fiquired since it’s old it may not support sata opticals. thanks again

i’m close to getting me one. it’s just a matter of hooking everything up and viola like ide?

Yes. Is that simple. :bigsmile:

No jumpers at all.



I tried one of those with a Seagate SATA300 drive and it would not work properly with it even jumpered to SATA150, also wouldn’t work even if I put it on a seperate SATA card, tried a few.
Worked great with IDE drives and probably was fine with most older SATA150 hard drives and opticals but keep that in mind when you get it.
I finally used a A8n sli deluxe and drive formatted and installed fine. I wanted those 3 IDE ports too:a
The oddball VIA chipsets have a few issues sometimes, best to stick with Nvidia or intel or other more established and supported ones.

Post some results when the drive comes. :wink:

will do

i also request be removed from probation

In public was not the correct place to request it, but it’s done. Please don’t give the staff any reason to put it back.

ok it won’t work. when booting, it’ll boot a little then stop. after changing several settings it’ll boot but with it and my ide hd in pio mode only. nothing i tried worked so it’s going bye bye

Well thats too bad, I really wanted mine to work as well. did a ton of reinstalls, all kinds of loaned hardware, etc. If you stuck with IDE only it’d probably be golden.
IF your doing this to reuse your old 939 CPU and DDR memory, but going to PCIE try the A8N sli deluxe, you loose one IDE port but it’s been rock stable for me so far, and I do have a LGh62LI on the RAID SATA port and it works fine there as long as you remember to install the raid driver so XP sees it. It doesn’t have to even use the raid program that is included, it will see it as a single drive fine on that port with the driver. You can disable the raid part if your not using it in raid anyways and save load time to XP. Of course I have 4 IDE opticals, and 4 ide/SATA on the first SATA port so if you aren’t going to fill all the ports it will be even easier as you wont need the raid port enabled unless you want to stack a few SATA drives together.
Anyways good luck with whatever you get to replace it.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one having boot problems with the GSA H-62-L installed.

I used to have a Plextor PW-755SA (RIP) that booted just fine on the same machine that has fits trying to boot with the LG installed.

My guess is firmware. Maybe they can fix it. Nice drive, otherwise.

Via-chipsets are known for probs with optical SATA-drives. To bad that I don´t saw this topic a bit earlier, I had warned u

It just seems to have problems with SATA300 seagate drives for sure, I don’t think the h62 is a 300 drive but I guess it has problems with those too. When I slapped a old 80 gig IDE in it and installed XP it went fine, just wouldn’t complete a install and then work no matter what I tried with my shiny new Seagate, The A8N sli deluxe ran it fine and still does.