Will a SONY burner ATAPI/EIDE work on IDE?

I have a Del Dimension 8400 with a RAID 0 SATA Controller and a Primary IDE controller to connect my optical drives.

I was using a Philips D8631, which was working just fine, burned DVDs, copied, etc using Sonic. However, I wanted to go to double layer, so I bought a SONY DRU-810A. It installed without problem.

This drive burned one double layer. From then on it either hung in writing the lead out or failed shortly into the copy process. It is at the lates firmware level.

I am using good quality SONY disks.

So, I went out and bought a SONY DRU-830A, figuring that the 810 was older and may be faulty. It installed as master on the IDE controller. It pased the SONY Drive Test (AS the 810A did occasionally.)But it did just like the 810A and has failed to burn or copy disks.

I used both Sonic and Nero.

I wondered if the interface might be the problem. Will the SONY ATAPI/EIDE interface OK with my mohterboard’s IDE?

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Most of times burning problems with DL discs are due to a bad media.

Until now, only Verbatim DL discs proved to be reliable. All other DL brands give extremely variable results, and very often the burning can’t be completed at all.